Zendaya is beautiful so is her hair; Giuliana Rancic is ugly but not her words.

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Zendaya and Giuliana Rancic.

If Giuliana Rancic was trying to be mean and ugly when she said that Zendaya smells like “patchouli and weed,” it did not work, at least not in my opinion. Patchouli is actually an exotic Asian oil used in some of the best smelling perfumes around the world and we all know weed is the healing of the nation. So to smell like patchouli and weed is a compliment not a disrespect.

Maybe there were some stereotypes and prejudice in Giuliana’s statements. Maybe she is under the assumption that all people with dreadlocks smoke weed. Maybe the patchouli comment was based on Zendaya’s ethnicity. If that is the case, then it is her thought that are ugly, not her words.

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Am I disappointed by her thoughts? Not the least. I am not disappointed nor surprised. After all, these so called fashion police are coming from the school of Joan Rivers, the woman who says, Palestinians deserved to die because they were stupid. Ugly thoughts run in the blood of the fashion police; know that, cherish that and move on.

“Grow your dreadlocks
Don’t be afraid of the wolf pack
Keep your culture
Don’t be afraid of the vulture” – Bob Marley

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