Man rearrested for burglarizing cars in jail parking lot right after being released on bail.

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Michael Casey Lewis
Michael Casey Lewis

A Florida man is either addicted to stealing or he enjoyed jail life and wanted to be back in a cell the moment he stepped foot back into the real world. Or maybe it is something in the water in Florida as these type of stories always see to happen in that sate. Imagine being arrested for theft, getting out of jail on bail but exactly after stepping out in the jail parking lost you went right back to stealing.

That is exactly what 37-year-old Michael Casey Lewis of Florida allegedly did.

According to St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Department, Lewis was arrested on grand theft. He bonded out and was just released when a police officer spotted him acting suspiciously in the county’s jail parking lot.

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When the officer approached Lewis, he claimed he was just waiting for his girlfriend to pick him up.

“After being released, deputies in the parking lot of the jail observed Lewis pulling car door handles and learned he had just burglarized several cars right there at the jail,” the Sheriff’s statement said.

Surveillance video captured Lewis going into a silver vehicle and coming out with some items. He then started walking around other vehicles and checking the doors to see if they were unlocked.

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Another officer confronted Lewis after seeing the surveillance video, and the suspect handed him a brown paper bag he’d taken from a car filled with cigarettes, a debit card, a Florida driver’s license and $547 in cash, police said. Lewis had also taken an iPhone 7 worth approximately $1,000, according to the owner who told police she’d accidentally left her car unlocked.
Lewis was then “rebooked” at the jail on additional burglary charges and released again with a bond of $11,250.



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