Nicki Minaj will be in Trinidad to attend the Buju Banton concert.

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Nicki Minaj and Buju Banton
Nicki Minaj and Buju Banton

Nicki Minaj will be heading to her homeland of Trinidad to attend the third leg of Buju Banton’s Long Walk to Freedom tour on April 21st. The Queens rapper has not been back to the country of her birth since 2011 when she performed there while promoting her album, Pink Friday.

The fact that it takes Buju Banton, a Jamaican, to get one of the most famous Trinidadian to visit her country in such a long time might not sit well with many Trinidadians, especially Huffington Post’s contributor, Ayana Malaika Crichlow.

Chrichlow is a brilliant Trinidadian writer but she does not hide her feelings that she hates the fact that Nicki Minaj embraces Jamaican culture more than Trinidadian culture. In an article entitled “Nicki Minaj Doesn’t Represent My Trinidad”, Chrichlow lashed out at Nicki to the point where Jamaicans and Trinidadians alike were calling her a hater.

“The first time I noticed her (Nicki Minaj), I thought her background was Jamaican because her attire was reminiscent of a dancehall queen to me, and I was shocked when they said she was Trini,” Crichlow wrote in the article.

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“[She was] singing a song called “Trini Dem Girlz” in an accent from some other island, patting her pum pum which is not a Trini dance and doing so on a dancehall sounding rhythm. Give me a break, really,” Crichlow continued.

Crichlow is somewhat right in her assertions. Nicki Minaj has done collaborations with more Jamaicans than any other Hip Hop artistes and she never tries to hide her admiration for the Jamaican dancehall and reggae culture. So it is no surprise that like so many fans of dancehall reggae, the rapper is also caught up in all the frenzy around Buju Banton. It would also not be surprising if Minaj knows the lyrics to more of Buju’s songs than she does to any Calypsonian or Soca artiste.

Crichlow also does not take well to the fact that Nicki often talks in a Jamaican accent but never in a Trini accent.

“She can do an English accent and Jamaican accent and not a Trini accent? The country where she is supposedly from, where her mother and father are from,” Crichlow added. If you must tell the marish and the parish that you are from Trinidad, please don’t do so and then behave in a manner that is obviously Jamaican culturally. We have a hard enough time letting people know we aren’t from Jamaica, or that Trinidad is not in Jamaica, so having a so-called Trini feel more comfortable performing her art in a Jamaican accent is unacceptable.

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Most reggae fans, Trinidadians included, are honored that Nicki Minaj will take the time to return to her homeland and pay respect to Buju Banton. Many Jamaicans prefer Soca over dancehall, so there is nothing wrong if Nicki prefers Reggae over Soca or Jamaica over Trinidad.

While in Trinidad, Buju Banton will be performing at the Queen’s Park Savannah in Port of Spain.



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  1. Why you can’t blame Nicki Minaj for "acting Jamaican".

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