Bob Marley never got arrested for Marijuana in Jamaica: The island’s dirty little secret.

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Although Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer smoked a substantial amount of marijuana in Jamaica, Bob was the only one of the three not to be arrested for ganja on the island.

Jamaicans love to run around bragging about their motto, “Out of many, one people”. The truth is the motto is garbage. Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer, the country’t past marijuana laws and how they were implemented proved that the motto is useless.

The motto means nothing; it stands for nothing, just another fleeting illusion. The motto coming off the tongue of an average Jamaican rings like sweet music to the ear; but in reality, it is a big disgraceful lie.

To prove how much the Jamaican motto is useless, just take a look at Jamaica’s most famous reggae group, The Wailers, the persecution they endured will help you understand the real Jamaica.

It is not a coincidence that both Bunny Wailer and Peter Tosh got arrested and jailed for marijuana possession, while Bob Marley never did. It is just a reflection of the blatant color prejudice that has existed and continues to exist in Jamaican society.

Of course Bob Marley smoked as much marijuana as Peter and Bunny. Yet not once was Bob arrested in Jamaica, while Peter Tosh was not only harassed and arrested multiple times but was also beaten on occasions. In fact, in one incident, Peter Tosh was almost beaten to death. It was not until living in England that Bob was arrested and fined for marijuana possession in 1977.

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It was the mere fact that Bob Marley was of lighter complexion than Peter and Bunny why he never got arrested or harassed in Jamaica. Rita Marley even spoke about this color prejudice and how Bob Marley benefited from it. For some odd reason the video where Rita is talking about Jamaica’s color prejudice can no longer be found online.

So you have three Rastas walking the same walk, talking the same talk, singing the same song, smoking the same herb; Bunny and Peter got arrested but a bi-racial Bob did not. Is that “Out of many, one people”?

So why it is that Jamaicans continue to utter a meaningless motto with such pride? The truth is Jamaica is a Black Country run by white Jewish business men. Jamaicans have been so lazy, mentally and physically that they have allowed men like Butch Stewart, Chris Blackwell and others to make mental and physical slaves out of them.

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At the last census, ninety-eight percent of Jamaica’s population was of African descent. So disregard the rampant color prejudice on the island and the “Out of many, one people” saying is still farce.

Jamaica is a Black country, but they are so ashamed of their Blackness, the garbage motto makes perfect sense to them. To see how ashamed they are of their beautiful Blackness, just take a look at the women they send to represent the country at the various beauty pageants around the world.

So next time you hear a Jamaican saying “out of many, one people”, don’t believe the hype. It is a country of 98% Blacks who have been programmed and taken advantage of by the other 2%. They have been programmed to be consumers, programmed to be hotel maids, programmed to hate themselves, programmed to say “Out of many, one people”.
Don’t believe us? Ask Usain Bolt.



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  1. He did get arrested and went to prison but not in Jamaica. Do you mean it’s the whitest women who get to be.Miss Jamaica? I v noticed this since l was a kid. That is such a shame.

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