Some Rasta Reggae artists are gay, according to Tony Rebel.

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Reggae artist and promoter Tony Rebel
Reggae artist and promoter Tony Rebel

It is not a secret in the Reggae community that Diana King is gay and Shenseea is a bisexual but according to veteran reggae artist, Tony Rebel, there are more gay reggae and dancehall artists that people know about and some are even Rasta.

“Dem say Jamaica homophobic, but look how much gay people you have in reggae and dancehall and people know dem,” Tony Rebel told a Jamaican tabloid.

The fresh vegetable deejay says that it is not just Diana King and Shenseea who just came out the closet as a bisexual that are involved in homosexuality from the reggae community but there are also some artistes that are pretending to be Rasta that are gay.

“You have artistes who have locks who are gay, even if dem a say Rasta. The best thing they could do is be honest and come out.” he told the tabloid.

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Tony Rebel says while he is a heterosexual, he does not discriminate against homosexuals, but he does not support how artists like Shenseea is using her platform to promote homosexuality to the people.

Tony Rebel also commented on Sizzla being kicked off the Reggae on the River lineup by High Times Magazine after being pressured by homosexual groups.

“These gay activists like to use people in reggae as pawns. People are free to be who they want to be, and it works both ways. They need to stop taking people off shows to prove a point,” Tony Rebel said.

Sign the petition to get High Times Magazine to put Sizzla back on the Reggae on the River lineup.

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Many in the reggae community are wondering why Sizzla was kicked off the show by a company that is owned by fellow Rasta and reggae artiste, Damian Marley. Some say that Damian Marley who also sings homophobic lyrics should not have taken side with the LGBTQ community at the expense of a fellow Rasta and Reggae artist.

Tony Rebel without calling any names, made it clear that not everyone who claims to be Rasta is really a Rasta.

“Who say that everybody who wear locks is Rasta? Rastafari and its tenets are clear,” Tony Rebel concluded.



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