13 Reasons you should NOT eat Goya Foods.

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Do NOT eat Goya Foods
Do NOT eat Goya Foods

If you care about your health, you should think twice before eating Goya foods. Forget about your political affiliation and bear in mind that the first step to wealth is good health. Below are 13 reasons why you should not eat Goya Good.

1. Goya Foods is the main reason Black and Brown people die at an alarmingly higher rate than whites from COVID-19. The consumption of these products contributes to the high rates of chronic non-communicable diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and kidney disease which are seen in these communities.

2. Goya Foods could have you breaking out in cold sweats, throwing up, experiencing crazy headaches, changes in vision and diarrhea.

3. A picture is worth a million words (see below).

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4. The ‘convenience’ factor that Goya Foods promote in their ads for their packaged foods is nothing but a gimmick and it’s no time saver when it comes to your life and health

5. Goya’s products contain a number of synthetic ingredients which are unhealthy for our bodies.

6. Goya’s food packaging contains endocrine disruptors. Such unwanted chemicals, when absorbed by the body, can cause an increase or decrease in hormonal levels affecting one’s fertility and immune system function.

7. Again, a picture is worth a million words (see below).

8. The expensive price is not worth the low quality ingredients.

9. Food tastes better with natural home-based seasoning. Switching to home-based seasonings from fresh plants, peppers, rhizomes and herbs is the best option.

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10. No seasoning mix matches the authenticity of fresh ingredients. The flavor present in fresh ingredients outmatches any store-bought seasoning on any day. If you have the resources, you can even make your own seasoning.

11. Why eat Goya Foods when you can eat ital and jam to Reggae Gold 2020.

12. If you support a bigot then you are a bigot. Donald Trump is a bigot and he is supported by the CEO of Goya Foods. That means the Goya CEO is also a bigot.

13. You only live once, might as well live healthy.



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