Shenseea refuses to give the late great Dennis Brown his respect.

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Shenseea and Dennis Brown
Shenseea and Dennis Brown

When reggae legend Dennis Brown died in 1999, Shenseea was only 2-years old and the fastest woman in the world, Elaine Thompson-Herah, was only 7-years old.

So when Thompson-Herah said that on her way to her second gold medal, it was Shenseea’s single Run Run that kept her going, it is fair to assume that she had no idea that the “run run” in her head is actually from the crown prince of reggae, Dennis Brown.  

“I was out there, and I heard Shenseea’s song in my head. Just run, run, run and I just keep on running until I reach the line,” she said.

It did not take long for Shenseea to rush to Instagram and respond to Thompson-Harrah’s statement.

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“This is such a historical moment, and I’m happy to be a part of what motivates you! CONGRATS man! #RunRunRun was just what you did! PROUD!” posted.

What Shenseea refused to do, however, was to acknowledge the man who gave her the big song.  

Shenseea’s Run Run Run is actually a remake of Dennis Brown’s Run Too Tuff but the Blessed singer has never given any credit to the crown prince.  Unlike Thompson-Herah who had the heart to give props to Shenseea, the Jamaican diva never saw fit to show respect where it is due.

On the surface it seems like Shenseea was attempting to keep Dennis Brown’s legacy alive but the more she refused to give him his credit seems to suggest that she is actually trying to steal his destiny.

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Romeich Major, a member of Shenseea’s management team, also got in on the action but he too refused to show any recognition to the original creator of the song.

 “When Shenseea releases a song, we always expect a level of greatness because she puts together the track so nice, it always stick with people. The whole team is so happy right now,” he said.

There are many who believe that the original song by Dennis Brown is the best version, what do you think?



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