Is Shenseea the most beautiful female artist in the history of Jamaican music?

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If you go to any dancehall chatroom or in person gathering and ask who is the most beautiful female dancehall or reggae music artist ever, immediately you will hear the name Shenseea. But is she really the most beautiful female artist to ever grace Jamaican music or is all a part of the brainwashing that we have become used to that Black is ugly; and for any Black person to be considered beautiful they must be mixed with some other ethnicity such as Asian or Caucasian?

Jamaica is blessed with the most beautiful women per capita in the world. So it is no surprise that when you look within her music fraternity you see a lot of beautiful women. From the likes of Etana, Ishawna, Queen Ifrica, Yanique the curvy diva, Spice, Shenseea and many others, it is obvious that dancehall/reggae has more beautiful female artistes than any other genre of music in the world.

Is Shenseea really the most beautiful female artiste to grace Jamaican music though? Most Jamaicans seem to think so. Not only do they believe she is the most beautiful right now, they say she is the most beautiful in the history of Jamaican music.

To find out what is behind all the rave around Shenseea’s beauty, we went to her Instagram and purposely posted the following under one of her very beautiful photo: “…Yu look good but Yanique the curvy diva look better.” We knew a comment like this would get someone from the SHENYENG (Shenseea’s fans) crew to tell us exactly why they think she is the most beautiful in the history of the music. It was not long before one of the deejay’s male fans responded, “(I) don’t agree… Gimmi dah half Indian with that round rump any day”. For the record, Shenseea is not half Indian but she is of Asian descent, one of her parent is Jamaican and the other is Korean. The male fan’s answer, however, is exactly why she is labeled as the “most beautiful ever” in Jamaican music, because she is mixed. This is also why Jamaica has a huge skin bleaching problem.

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Shenseea Instagram
Shenseea Instagram

It is sad that in 2018, Blacks in Jamaican still cannot see beauty in themselves, so much so that they automatically consider Blacks who are mixed with other ethnicities to be more beautiful than pure Blacks. To be fair, this is not only a Jamaican problem. If you ask a Black American who are the most beautiful Black women in entertainment, they will give you names that are either biracial or made up to look European; names like Halle Berry, Beyoncé and Ciara.

The Loodi singer is very beautiful, to say she is the most beautiful in Jamaican music today is a stretch, to say she is the most beautiful in the history of Jamaican music is downright ridiculous.

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Melanin is not equal to ugly, just like it is not automatically equal to beauty. Shenseea might deserve the edge in the beauty department over artistes like Spice and Macka Diamond but she is nowhere close to some of the real beauties in Jamaican music history like Etana, Vanessa Bling, Rita Marley, Sister Carol, Patra, Lady G and many others.

In today’s batch of female artistes, Shenseea is definitely in the top 10. In the history of Jamaican music, however, she is not even in the top 100.

The truth is, however, Jamaicans and Blacks in general are still ashamed of their melanin. Babylon has released the chains but they still control the brains.

I shall the black man to see beauty in his own kind and stop bleaching his skin and otherwise looking like what he’s not. Back in the days of slavery, Race mixture, Race miscegenation all occurred because the African women had no protection from the slave master. Therefore there is no need today for black people themselves to freely continue a practice that smacks so much of slavery.

Marcus Garvey



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  1. Chinese Jamaicans are more beautiful than African Jamaicans, according to Jamaicans.

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