Koffee is the breath of fresh air Dancehall and Reggae Music has been waiting for.

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In a world of internet hype, half naked female artistes all over Instagram, auto-tune superstars and artists willing to do anything for a few more Facebook likes, finding real talent has become a very difficult task. It seems like Dancehall and Reggae music has done just that, however, finding real talent in a field of duds. Thanks to a young lady who coins herself as Koffee, the reggae community has a lot to be excited about. Her real name is Mikayla Simpson and she is like a breath of fresh air to fans of Dancehall and Reggae Music.

On Koffee’s hit single “Toast”, she sings of how thankful she is for her blessing and success in the business but truth be told, dancehall reggae fans are who should be most thankful.

The singer/songwriter came and saw dancehall in a very dark place where sex, murder, mayhem and braggadocios were the order of the day. Surely the Reggae Revival Movement led by Chronixx, Jah9 and others was putting back some light in the music but the arrival of Koffee makes everything feel like a brand new morning with the sun brightly rising from the east.

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At 19 years old, Koffee already know what it feels like to be number one the Billboard Reggae chart. Not many reggae artistes can say they have had that experience as the Billboard top Reggae spot is usually reserved for white reggae artists or artists with Marley as their last name.

Koffee’s debut EP is short but sweet. It is made up of only 5 songs and the total running time is only 15 minutes and 30 seconds. Yet the songs are as addictive as cake and ice cream, except that this is the kind of sugar that is good for you; good for mind, body and soul.

While her lyrics are not as deep as say a Sizzla, she flies way above the overly sex laden lyrics you would hear from Spice, Shenseea, Curvy Diva or most other female dancehall artistes. As Koffee says in the title track on her EP, she “kill dem wid verbs and wid di pronouns.”

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The great think about Koffee’s EP is, although it is very short, it qualifies as an album and as result it qualifies to be nominated for a Grammy.

The Recording Academy’s rules for Grammy Awards state that any release with five or more different songs and a running time of over 15 minutes is considered an album. It is not clear if Koffee’s team was adhering to these guidelines to make sure the EP met all Grammy requirements but it is great that it did.

In the history of the Reggae Grammy Award, a female solo artiste has never taken home the award. It would be fitting to see Koffee accomplish the feat.



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