Man that raped dog to death gets only 60 days in jail.

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Fidel Lopez
Fidel Lopez

Over ten years ago when Michael Vick was charged for dog fighting and killing dogs he was almost crucified by America and spent 21 months in prison. This week an Oregon man who raped his fiancée’s dog to death was sentenced to only 60 days in jail.

52-year-old, Fidel Lopez, from Portland admitted to raping his fiancée’s dog after he became suspicious that she was cheating on him.

According to the affidavit, Lopez told police that he had sex with the dog while in bed with her, after becoming frustrated that the his fiancée of 2 ½ years did not come home the previous night or answer his phone calls.

Lopez pleaded guilty to two felonies: first-degree aggravated animal abuse and sexual assault of an animal. He admitted he victimized the dog to sexually arouse himself.

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In fairness to the Oregon judge, 60 days was all the law allowed him to give to the dog rapist. However, it does show how messed up laws across the United States are that men can serve significantly different amount of time in prison for committing basically the same crime.

Multnomah County Circuit Judge Angel Lopez, who is not related to the defendant, told Fidel Lopez that he should understand the law prohibits a tougher sentence for sexually attacking the Lhasa apso mix.

“If it could have been more, I gladly would have given you more time,” the judge said.

Police learned of the case after Fidel Lopez’s fiancée reported to police that she found her small dog whining and hiding beneath the couch on Nov. 18, 2018. Upon moving the couch to take a look at the dog, she found blood and injuries to the dog’s hind end, according to a probable-cause affidavit.

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She took the dog to the DoveLewis emergency hospital, where staff euthanized the dog because of significant internal injuries.

Court records state that Fidel Lopez had no prior criminal history. His defense attorney, Joe Calhoun, said his client had worked at the same place for 22 years. Court records state that Fidel Lopez worked at a pancake restaurant and had a sixth grade education.

“He’s told me that he owns up to a mistake he made and accepts that responsibility,” Calhoun said.



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