Jamaicans are angry at Reggae Artist Chronixx.

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Jamaicans are angry at Chronixx for referring to president Obama as a “waste man”. Mama says when strangers come to our house we should let them feel warm and welcome, even kill the fatted calf for them. So maybe Chronixx was a little harsh, but we should try and remember where Chronixx is coming from as a Rasta.

Chronixx was not referring to Obama as being a waste in general; rather, he was referring specifically to the issue of Marcus Garvey’s criminal record being expunged in the United States.

Obama has the power to expunge the criminal record of the honorable Marcus Garvey. If Obama refuses to do it, then he is a waste in that concern. He had the balls to kill the lion of Africa, Gadhafi, or the Africans that he labeled as “pirates,” but not the guts to right the wrong that was done to possibly the greatest and most influential Black leader ever?

It is obvious that Jamaica and Jamaicans could care less if America thinks of Marcus Garvey as a criminal. It has no effect on how Jamaicans feel about the prophet, after all, he is a national hero of Jamaica and he is also one third of the Rastafarian trinity. At the same time, Marcus Garvey is for Africans all over the world, not just Jamaica. Therefore, it is important that Africans in America know that this man who dedicated his life for the betterment of Black people was not a criminal.

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Anyone criticizing Chronixx for what he said or posted on Instagram is being very harsh to Chronixx and letting Obama off the hook too easy. Some of us are acting like Obama is God or his visit to Jamaica is the equivalent of Haile Selassie’s visit in 1966. To stand against Chronixx and his statement is to stand with J.Edgar Hoover and the racists traps he set to snare Marcus Garvey.

Obama did not visit Jamaica out of respect for Jamaica or to offer any real aid in uplifting the country. His visit was no different than when Ronald Regan visited in 1982. Back then, Reagan’s visit was to stem the spread of communism throughout the Caribbean; to make sure Michael Manley was not able to take Jamaica down the path that Maurice Bishop had taken Grenada and to stop Cuba and Jamaica as a whole from becoming as chummy as Castro and Manley.

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Likewise, Obama’s trip is to stem and counteract the Chinese influence in Jamaica. All the roads being built in Jamaica, that money is coming from China. America also wants to get Jamaica and the rest of the Caribbean away from the subsidized Venezuelan oil. Russia, China, Venezuela and Iran all have great relationships with each other. Just look around at what is happening with those countries and one will understand why America does not like the Chinese and Venezuelan interest in Jamaican and the Caribbean. Those concerns were the main reasons why Obama was in Jamaica, nothing more, nothing less. His pledge of $70 million to the youths is nothing more than “…spare parts and money…trying to belittle our integrity” as Marley sung.

The average person does not understand things on the level that Chronixx does, which is understandable, the Rasta man is on a different level. But to criticize Chronixx because he dared to stand up for Marcus Garvey is just ridiculous.



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  1. Just because Chronixx is a rasta doesn’t make him smarter then most people. Just because Obama is black doesn’t mean he will pardon Garvey. Chronixx should go to the US and lobby the White House for a pardon. Calling Obama out won’t help the case.

    • “Just because Obama is black doesn’t mean he will pardon Garvey.”

      You are very correct in that. He should pardon Garvey though, not because he is Black but because it is the right thing to do.

  2. It’s a white man world y don’t we just use both of them to make Jamaica better place for the young men and women of tomorrow we have that power

  3. Barack Obama knows about Marcus Garvey. His father wasn’t just a black man, but an African one. He actually knows his heritage, and that is more than many of us can say as we live where we live as a result of the forced diaspora otherwise know as slavery. However, just because he does respect Marcus Garvey, does not mean he will pardon him. If he was alive sure, but he isn’t going to pardon a dead man. Moreover, it isn’t as if he has pardoned other black heroes and left out the most important. How many people have President Obama actually pardoned in his entire Presidency? And for what? It isn’t his job to pardon Marcus Garvey, and even if he were to do so, it would be unwise for him to do so until the end of his term.

  4. he is a wasteman what mo do you want to hear. he is forbiding aid in africa just because he want to legalize homosexuality. What about marijuana y are keepin on embracing a white spirit

  5. Long live Marcus Garvey, long live! Thank you Chronixx for reminding us of this great man. Obama should man up and do what is right

  6. Chronixx knows Obama is supporting terrorism around the globe and killing children with drone strikes. Big up chronixx everytime.

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