18 Karat Reggae now has 2 million reggae fans worldwide.

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18 Karat Reggae Gold 2021 : ONENESS
18 Karat Reggae Gold 2021 : ONENESS

18 Karat Reggae, the facebook page for the premier reggae website 18karatreggae.com has reached a major milestone. The page now boasts over 2 million reggae fans worldwide. This major milestone makes the page along with the website the best place for people to reach reggae fans.

18 Karat Reggae is a dream come true for promoters, producers, artists, event organizers or anyone in the reggae dancehall space trying to reach the maximum amount of reggae fans. 18 Karat Reggae also offers a more valuable and affordable promotion package than any other reggae media outlet in the world.

Whether it is an event, a new song or just a press release letting fans know what is happening, 18 Karat Reggae is the pest place for music producers, promoters and artists to do their promotion.

Some music promoters are still doing email blasts but the truth about email blasts is, 93% of the recipients never even open the email, not to mention that a lot of emails are blocked by spam blockers before they even have a chance of getting to a recipient.

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Other promoters pay major publications hundreds of dollars to promote their press release. While these publications attract a lot of traffic, most visitors are not their for the entertainment section, they are there for the overall new news of the day whether it is politics, sports, entertainment or another category. On the other hand, when a visitor goes to 18karatreggae.com, they are going there to read up on reggae and dancehall music.

Most email blast services charge anywhere from 100 to 500 USD to blast a song that maybe less than 100 people will actually here. Then some online publication charge 200 to 400 USD for a press release, that might be read than less than 500 people.

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with 18 Karat Reggae, however, thousands of people will here any song that is promoted with them. If the song is good it will be heard by tens of thousands and if it is great hundreds of thousands, even millions will her it.

The average entertainment article on 18karatreggae.com average around 9,500 reads.

The greatest part of it all is, 18 Karat Reggae only charges 50 USD to promote an artist on their website and facebook page. The promotion includes a video published on the facebook page and a press release and or artist’s bio published on 18karatreggae.com.

To promote with 18 Karat Reggae, please send a message to there facebook page by clicking here: 18 Karat Reggae



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