Woman who beat man with machete, arrested and charged.

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Jamaica man holding machete.
Jamaica man holding machete.

Last week a woman stabbed and killed a man in Jamaica after he chased her with a knife. This woman has yet to be charged for the killing as authorities believe that she acted in self defense.

Just a day after the killing another woman was seen in a now viral video mercilessly beating a man with a machete. She is not having the same luck as the other woman, however, as she has been arrested and charged.

The woman, who is known to the man, was arrested Tuesday following the receipt of a report on February 20 for the incident which took place on February 7.

In the viral video, the man who is slim and tall was seen being beaten by Beckford, who is much bigger than the victim. The victim received hard slaps with a machete all over his body to include the back of his head and his hands as he attempted to ward off the blows being inflicted.

Beckford could be heard in the video accusing the victim of “carrying” her name elsewhere as she inflicted the blows. The man denied her claims.

In Jamaica, by law you have the right to defend yourself from a physical attack, however, you cannot use violence to counter a verbal attack or slander.

Deputy Superintendent of Police, Adrian Hamilton who is in charge of operations for the Westmoreland Police Division is advising the public to seek amicable alternative avenues to resolve their disputes instead of resorting to violence.

“As it relates to police disputes, far too often individuals have resorted to violence as a means of settling domestic disputes and we want to implore persons to seek alternative avenues to settle these disputes through negotiations and mediation and spare themselves the inconvenience of prosecution because the police will arrest and charge individuals who are in contravention of the law,” stated DSP Hamilton.”



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