Flawed intelligence led to the raid of Buju Banton’s hotel room, according to top cop.

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Gary Griffith and Buju Banton
Gary Griffith and Buju Banton

Hours before obtaining a warrant to search the hotel room of Buju Banton, Trinidad’s Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffith, claims that his department received intelligence that triggered the search.

Griffith said officers of the Organized Crime and Intelligence Unit (OCIU) had received what they thought was credible intelligence which led them to search the artiste’s room. The intelligence turned out to be flawed as nothing illegal was found in the Rasta Reggae artiste’s room. He went on to say while he is sorry for the “embarrassment, anxiety and inconvenience” the search caused, he does not regret exercising the warrant as his officers were just doing their jobs even if it was against someone of Buju Banton’s status.

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“So because it’s high profile the police service should not be involved in conducting searches and warrants?” Griffith asked about the raid.

Griffith says he wants Buju Banton and all Jamaicans to be assured that this was not a personal attack against the artiste or his entourage but rather dedicated officers trying to reduce crime.

“This is not an abuse of authority, this is what police do. And this is what we have done over the last 50 years and will continue to do,” he said.

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Buju Banton will be headlining the “I am Legend” convert this evening before moving on to the Bahamas where he will continue his Long Walk to Freedom tour. The Rasta artiste was released from a prison in the United States in December 0f 2018 after serving 8 years of a 10-year sentence on drug charges.



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