Buju Banton disguises as a senior citizen in order to get COVID vaccine early.

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18 Karat Reggae Gold 2021 : ONENESS
Buju Banton disguised to look older in order to get covid vaccine
Buju Banton disguised to look older in order to get covid vaccine

Jamaicans 75 and older are now allowed to register for the COVID-19 vaccination as was announced last week by Minister of Health and Wellness, Dr. Christopher Tufton.

Those under the age of 75 have to wait for their turn in the priority process, however, reggae superstar, Buju Banton, was in no waiting mood and came up with a clever idea to skip the line.

News reaching 18 Karat Reggae is that the Gargamel was able to obtain a fake government ID and disguised himself to look much older than he really is in order to get vaccinated.

After registering by calling 888-ONE-LOVE like a true Rasta, the artist showed up at a vaccination site earlier today and no one noticed it was him in disguise.

It was only after sitting in the chair and right at the point of being vaccinated that Dr. Moses Davis, the doctor performing the vaccination noticed that Buju arm looked too wrinkle free to be that of someone 75 and older.

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“It looked very suspicious I was about inject him. So I had to stop and asked if he was sure that he met the age requirement,” Dr. Davis said.

The doctor said as he pulled back the needle as he was sure the man did not qualify for a vaccine, Buju started singing and that’s when he was able to tell by the voice that it was actually Buju Banton trying to scam a vaccine.

According to the doctor, Buju sung the following lyris:

Doctor, don’t stop at all
Give me the AstraZeneca and don’t even stall
Doctor, don’t even hitch
Give me the COVID vaccine quick quick quick
Without the COVID vaccine am not walking out the door
Europe soon open up and mi well waan tour.

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The ministry of Health and Wellness was notified of Buju Banton’s scheme and they are now putting safeguards in place so no one can jump the line, according to Tufton.

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In a few weeks, a software platform will be available to facilitate online registration and provide necessary information about the vaccination process.

This platform will be developed under an agreement signed earlier this week between the Government and UNICEF.

These two components will be available for vaccination registration for each targeted group according to the government’s phased inoculation plan.

Jamaica started its vaccination rollout with front-line health workers on March 10, exactly one year after the first confirmed virus.
Some 16,096 persons have been inoculated so far, six per cent below the target for week one.

This second week of vaccination should see parish councilors joining essential workers and the elderly in line to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.



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