Should Black people trade in their bibles for guns?

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Holy bible gun
Holy bible gun

The song “Fallen Fighters” by Fitzroy Face on the “Reggae Gold 2020” compilation has sparked a raging debate in the Black community, While the song is pleading with Black men (fallen fighters) to stand up, be strong and fight when necessary, many Blacks believe that physically fighting back against the racist violence being perpetuated against the Black community is not the answer,

An excerpt from the song:

Rise up fallen fighters, rise up and take your stand
Rise up fallen fighters, we need you, we need you to be strong
They aim to shoot us with their guns
Saying you’re a criminal so won’t you run
Aiming to shoot you in the back
For different reasons at different spots
Indigenous to the political soul
We are attack for the rewards of fools’ gold
But no water can out this coal
It’s burning out of control

Opponents of the song say that the fire that is burning out of control should be a spiritual fire and not a physical one. They believe that if we put our trust in the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, he will be our refuge and fight the fight foe the Black community. Proponents of the song on the other hand, believe that Jesus Christ has not fight for the Black man in almost 500 years and there is no reason to believe he will start now.

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“Every Black man should burn his bible if he has one and replace it with a gun,” a New York City man protesting the death of George Floyd told 18 Karat Reggae. He was quickly countered by an older female who said, “Look around, we have more white people than Black people here protesting racial injustice. This shows that our prayers are being answered. He may not come when we call but he is always on time.” Of course it could have been argued that he was not on time for Breonna Taylor, Ahmad Arbery and George Floyd.

The ongoing debate is cause for Blacks to take a serious look at their current situation and figure out why progress has been so slow. Does the church play a role in the long suffering of Black people because of the belief that if you endure the pain and suffering on earth without fighting back then a heaven awaits you after death? Would every Black man being armed reduce racial violence against the Black community or could it have a totally different effect and increase Black on Black violence?

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While the questions are difficult to answer, there are instances in history that one can look back on to get an idea of the effectiveness that Blacks had when they did fight back rather than depending on Jesus Christ to fight for them and having the bible as their only weapon.

When they Maroons of Jamaica successfully fought the British in 1728 until both sides signed a peace treaty in 1739, they did so without calling on Jesus Christ. When Haiti defeated the French in their 1804 Revolution they were not dependent on Jesus Christ or Christianity. When the Mau Mau warriors rose up in Kenya in 1952 to rebel against the British, they also experienced victory without relying on Jesus Christ.

Still, maybe the answer is not either or. Maybe every Black man just need to exercise his second amendment right, regardless if he believes in Jesus Christ or not. Maybe every Black person should have a holy book and a gun and then it is just a matter of when to use which.

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