FIFA’s Corruption, Qatar’s Struggle.

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Qatar workers build FIFA stadium in extreme conditions (Vadot, Nicolas)
Qatar workers build FIFA stadium in extreme conditions (Vadot, Nicolas)

In Nicolas Vadot’s Qatar 2022 political cartoon, he displays the horrendous working conditions workers are going through to build the FIFA World Cup stadium. In the political cartoon workers resemble prisoners. The money that has been gifted to the country by FIFA has been given to the supervisor of the project, while the laborers are getting barely anything. Nicolas Vadot’s purpose is to illustrate the corruption within FIFA through his artwork; he uses the logical fallacy appeal to emotion by showing the injustice for Qatar workers.

The purpose of Vadot’s cartoon is to reveal the harsh reality in building the stadium for the biggest tournament in the world: the FIFA World Cup. In the cartoon, workers are bound by shackles with soccer balls at the end; the workers are considered prisoners of FIFA. The irony is that these laborers are being forced to build an air-conditioned stadium in the blistering heat. The background of the cartoon displays a man dressed in lavish clothes with bags of money that were sent by FIFA. Although he is doing no work other than watching over the workers, he receives the funds and doesn’t seem to have any intention of splitting it equally amongst the workers. Vadot sheds light on the corruption of FIFA and Qatar for letting these actions happens. Although little words are exhibited, someone with general knowledge of the World Cup would be able to understand the larger context of the visual.

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Appeal to emotion is the driving factor of this cartoon, the emphasis of the sweat on the workers and the shackles tied to their ankles gives the audience a sense of pity towards them. The cartoon is bright and eye-catching, but looking further into it there’s a bitter mood. Vadot creates a situation where the audience sympathizes with the laborers, he gives a perspective in which FIFA is the villain and the workers are victims to their villainous management.

This artwork is expected to have the most effect on people who watch the World Cup, and people who play in the World Cup. For example, a fan of the soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is more inclined to convey a response to the cartoon than someone who primarily watches American football. Vadot successfully creates a cartoon that will attract the eyes of his target audience.

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Nicolas Vadot’s “Qatar 2022” political cartoon reveals the corrupt FIFA through appeal to emotion by catching the eye with bright colors, and when the cartoon is looked more into depth the bitter mood sets in. Vadot emphasizes the appalling conditions by drawing the workers dripping with sweat and bounding them with soccer ball shackles like prisoners; FIFA and Qatar’s corruption is portrayed by the supervisor in the back watching over them in his seemingly lush lifestyle. Nicolas Vadot achieved his purpose in drawing a cartoon on the injustice of Qatar workers.



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