Whites made Rasta more beautiful than its original manifestation.

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White Rastas
White Rastas

Rastafarianism as a religion is not a serious concern. What it has morphed into in pop culture is actually more beautiful than its original manifestation.

The above is from a culture vulture. Of course he wont say exactly what he means. What he really wants to say is that, white acceptance of Rasta makes it more beautiful than what was intended when Marcus Garvey prophesy and Leonard Howell stated the movement. Not only did he have the above to say, but he pretty much degraded Rasta to being a coincident that just happened because of other events. Then he totally disrespects both Marcus Garvey and Leonard Howell.

The culture vulture actually started off making good points before slipping in his slight remarks. That is typical of how these people have consistently try to rape, degrade, belittle and destroy other people’s culture. Below is his verbiage, nothing added and nothing taken away.

I appreciate that you are opening doors for others to research the history of of the movement, or roots reggae, but your assertions are incorrect. Let’s start with Garvey. Garvey was an open critic of the rasta and more so of Selassie. While his words inspired people associated with rasta(and reggae), and Garveyism certainly should be mentioned as a contributing ideal, the man himself had nothing good to say about the religion or its god. As a man who essentialy led the back to Africa movement, I find it odd he chose not to live there. Your own web site states a clear vision for moving to Africa yet you do not go either. You know why? You are scared of losing your easy life to walk the talk.

On to Howell, he did in fact declare himself to be God and was institutionalized not because he was a political threat as has been speculated, but because he was crazy. His group was a cult and nothing more. While above you make a specific reference to what ‘white people” fail to realize or recall is in line with his racist beliefs. Note that I am white. Here are the tenants of Howell’s ‘religion.’

– Hatred for the White race (That kicks me out of the club)
– The superiority of the Black race (Racist assertion)
– Revenge on Whites for their wickedness (Perhaps, but not all whites are involved with slavery or oppression and again, it is racist)
– The negation, persecution and humiliation of the government and legal bodies of Jamaica.
– Preparation to return to Africa (More than possible but no one including Garvey want to go)
– Acknowledgment of Emperor Haile Selassie I as the Supreme Being and the only ruler of the Black people. (Howell negated this by declaring himself God and Garvey called him a “coward.” )

So yes, the original purpose was to fight oppression, specifically white oppression in a nation ruled by whites, that was formed as way station for the slavery trade. Does this have anything to with the events in Baltimore? No. three of the charged officers are black. The city is run by black people. The officer in N. Charleston that helped to cover up the murder of Scott was black as well. The issue at hand is unchecked power and a resulting culture of corruption, not racism. Racism exists but it is being improperly cited in these instances. ‘Looting and burning’ your own neighborhood liquor and drug stores is not resistance, it is not rebellion, it is not religion; it is excess. Our biggest national problem is socio-economic disparity and a subjective legal system. The minute you need a ‘good’ lawyer the system has failed as it favors the wealthy. Once the judges start letting bad charges stick because they need to play ball as part of the system, it has failed. If the kids in Baltimore want to rebel they should do so by getting out of the city and exceeding their parents examples. Break the cycle and live your life. You are not chained to your parents failures. Tel Aviv huh? More of that peaceful religion stuff?

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The music is the same accidental result that formed the Beatles. It was people listening to American R&B and soul and turning it into something else. If you listen to the pulsing beat in most early reggae it is similar to say, the Rolling Stones. The bass is a slow rolling off beat product. Add ska to the mix and there you have it. It is really not mystical or confusing. Note that Curtis Mayfield is credited as a writer of One Love. Look at the fact Bob was listening to Mayfield and used his song to reissue a similar message. Fighting Armageddon is a simple biblical reference as is expressed in many of Bob’s songs. One Love was intended to be a political statement at a turbulent time in Jamaican politics.

Rastafarianism is simple a hodge podge of random events that collided. While the basic tenants of fighting oppression are the fuel behind the movement, the bells and whistles are accumulated. Howell introduced ganja use and dreadlocks. He also specifically went against the Old Testament. Garvey through random remarks had an unintentional effect by touting the African king to be crowned. He never intended for it to be Selassie but rather a metaphor for a rising black power. Bob Marley was half white and was quite close with some white people, even having children with white women. He did not stick to the Old Testament nor did he live by Garvey’s words. For a period he strongly supported Zimbabwe and saw his efforts thwarted by crooked politicians there just as exists all over the continent today.

If your issue is to be color let us all be glad that people are not storming your neighborhood to cut off the arms of all of the males as is occurring on African continent. People are not stealing your daughters. Cruelty is a shared trait within humanity and knows no color.

Rastafarianism as a religion is not a serious concern. What it has morphed into in pop culture is actually more beautiful than its original manifestation. Of course people should know the classics and quit saying 311 is reggae, but groups pushing forward such as Stoopid, Sublime, The Movement, Tribal Seeds, Fortunate Youth, and so on are the face of a mixed love. SOJA put out one of the best reggae albums of all time imho with Babylon yet they have stated they have no need for the words that make up their name which is an acronym of ‘Soldiers of Jahs Army.’

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It is silly to believe that at this point that being rasta is anything more than and ideology against oppression that supports love while seeking to break away from the “rat race.” I have to question your motives and I suspect true bigotry in this article as well as others on this site. One commenter said it was time to “take back” the music. Take it. What you really want is the success of the music, not the music itself. No one is forcing you to listen. You can play or listen to anything you like. Who cares if some white guys shout ‘One Love?’ The religion is defunct and Bob can sing about blowing up a church but he very few lived the religious path as described. Why would you insult your white partners in the revolution? Have we not been a critical part of change? Are we simply “white” or are we the kids who fought to get Mandela freed? Are we the same “white” people who elected the first black governor in Virginia and the first black president in the USA? Did black people do that on their own? Are we only to be known as a color and somehow we are ignorant to history due to our color? I think you need to take a hard look in the mirror. Your understanding of rasta history is weak and I read deeper than your internet education in the 80’s.

To close, the people reading this should play music. Listen to music. Educate yourselves. Love each other. Recognize hypocrisy within yourself. Ask the bigger questions.be the change. Be happy. You do not need to live by some religion to create change. Wear your hair as you like and if it is a political or fashion statement that is up to you. If you want to have Bob Marley/Minor Threat/EN Young/John Denver in your playlist then you should. Quit being so serious in your fun. the only reason you have the time to do so is your privilege that you refuse to acknowledge. Don’t be led by the Wizard who hides behind the curtain. It’s a lie. Do not buy into some bigoted blogger who pretends to be an authority. Oh, the other day whoever sits behind this alias on Facebook was called out misquoting Marley. It is selective reading, if they are even reading, based upon bias.



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  1. We Rastas have to be vigilant against these “culture vultures.” As a black man I would more than love to share in love and spirituality with our white brothers and sisters. But we live in a world still rampant with what St. Clair Drake called “White Racism.” So called “White Rastas” seem to not understand is that my they very nature of their white skin they have an advantage that we darker skinned people of the world don’t have. They can shed their so called Rasta identity any time. For them Rasta is a game. When they get tired they will move on to the next thing. Just kook what white’s have done with a beautiful manifestation of mediation: Yoga. They have taken something so beautiful and re-packaged, sold it, and denigrated it to the point that resembles nothing like its true cultural intention. Before long they will have taken Rasta and rendered it so unworkable that we the children of Jah will not be able to recognize it. Then where will we be.

    • Culture Vulture is a white man with an agenda. Anything genre that uplifts blacks and provoke independent thought for blacks to fight against oppression, understand their God, and elevate themselves through enducation is first infiltrated by so called well meaning whites who just want to share in the music. Next the powers that be in music industry market their water down versions of our original music genres of music and escalate it over it original forms. They end up owning and dictating the genre and we are left with it’s remains or we move on to something else until they infiltrate that too. Rock and Roll, Jazz, Blues have all been taken over by whites that just wanted to jam with the brothers because music should be shared by All. But notice country and western and pop is kept white. Because we as Blacks were too naïve and allowed whites to come in like wolves among sheep. Now they have our genres of music and centuries from now they will claim it as their own. Just as they have claim Egyptian origination. Now they are attempting to do the same thing to Reggae and now Hip Hop. This fool know nothing of Marcus Garvey or Afrocentric or Pan Africanism. Also no one wants to say this. But I also believe most of the Marley sons preference for white women is not helping keep Reggae an Black Jamaican Art form. You sing about culture and the oppression of the white government and it political system that is continuously oppresses Black people while you show this same society your preference for white women. What message are you really sending.

      • I am in complete agreement with you. I have been Rastafari for nearly 30 years. The issue here is that so called White Rastas do not care about Marcus Garvey, do not care about Leonard Howell or R.A. Rogers. They come to the movement through the door of Bob Marley and now attempt to diminish the movement. I have heard repeatedly that Rastafari was not born out of white oppression of blacks but of white solidarity with blacks. This defies history and logic. Whites are so racist that they refuse to even buy black reggae records and only buy white reggae records. When you tell them that they get upset and start yelling “black racist,” Its shameful that the Marley family has sold out for money. Its shameful that Africans have denigrated the movement so that they feel better among white Rastas than with black Rastas. Shameful.

  2. “Many people think reggae music will end soon. But this music is Rasta music, and therefore has no end.” – Bob Marley (and that was said 30 years ago, and it is still very much alive today!). Reggae music has a mission, to unify the calling of Rastafari, therefore it will spread all over the world to those who are ready for it. And stop worrying so much about this, and culture vultures, and other things because Rastafari won’t let it die.

  3. “Until bigotry and prejudice and malicious and inhuman self-interest have been replaced by understanding and tolerance and good-will; Until all Africans stand and speak as free beings, equal in the eyes of all men, as they are in the eyes of Heaven; Until that day, the African continent will not know peace. We Africans will fight, if necessary, and we know that we shall win, as we are confident in the victory of good over evil” excerpt from Emperor Haile Sellassie I’s speech addressed to the United Nations. 1963.
    to the world of all non African Rastafarians, please understand that you cant hide behind this one love jargon, its time to put in work, and work isnt about making Rastafarian crafts and selling the black man and black woman’s culture for your economic gain; your work is not to go to Africa and live there and marry African people nor have youth with African people, but your work is to go to Europe and America and speak to your fathers and mothers and bring to an end the injustice of the European towards the African.
    Emperor Haile I Sellassie I is clear about what the African is going to do, which is to fight and the African will win as long as all this injustice continues…
    so please stop trying to be delusional and start do your work to fulfill, for your fathers and mothers and fore-parents have done too much ill against African people. You all got to give up the money that you all inherited from the ill gotten gains of your fore-parents.
    Exodus 20, “visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate African people”; there is no hiding in this judgement for Jah RasTafari liveth as truth and right in the flesh of all people.
    a child shall lead the way so have courage stand up for justice and speak up against your parents, and show them their iniquity and that they must atone for this historic and grave wrong doing against African people.
    All InI want as African people at this time for this great injustice is repatriation with reparation, Africa is our home and for the European to come out of Africa, stop robbing and raping Africa of her resources.
    European RasTafarian community,InI are awaiting your response and concerted action on this pressing issue of justice.
    -I am the voice of the African Liberationalist Rastafarian Woman

    • There is no such thing as a European Rastafari Community. There are white people in Europe wearing Dreads and trying to act like black people.

    • Respect for speaking out, and I agree that repatriation is a must and reparations should be paid, but hear this: why are people still waiting for hand-outs? Hasn’t life and the struggles of those gone before taught us that nothing good come easy?

      Nah man: Selassie I seh fe work – material progress must parallel spiritual progress. It’s easy to play the blame-game, but it’s a waste of time: you’ll die waiting, and that is the plan. You said it yourself, it’s time to put in work, no time to beg.

      Africans must stop the tribal war, get out of the “race”-trap and free up. You begging the white man government for hand-outs – no wonder he doesn’t respect you. Come in like some pick-and-choose thing is going on – Africans are fighting, yeah, but they are fighting each other and drawing in reinforcements, and while they are busy fighting each other and lashing out at hippies, yes, the bigger head is pleased. Plenty of Africans see themselves as inferior – no wonder it’s easy to lock them up and treat them like scum.

      Know your enemy – it isn’t some likkle white youth who doesn’t know wah gwaan and who nobody over in Europe or America will take serious and who somehow mystically loves Africa more than many careless Ethiopians. Those Africans returning from the West aren’t accepted as brothers and sisters, when they return home to Africa. Many are disillusioned, because they thought life would just magically become easy. It’s not about that, but it’s more evidence of the same crab-inna-barrel mentality that is present in the West, too.

      I have been following the economical developments in Greece – they’re getting the hand-outs, white man begging white man, pure corruption. You don’t see Germany and these places pumping those kinds of funds into Africa, and it’s full time Africans realize it and become self-reliant. Africa will continue to be divided and ruled until it breaks out of those shackles of mental slavery – the slave-master won’t loosen the ties, waiting for that is vanity. Nuff white people are struggling in the West, and the bigger heads don’t give a damn about them, either… It’s not a question of race, but one of power. Authority only holds as much power as the people give it. You could get all the white youths on your side to speak out on your behalf – they would get ridiculed and the cause would just suffer another defeat, because it isn’t about them, it is about Africa.

      Up ye mighty race – unity is strength! Africa unite – don’t worry about the white man, he’ll get what is due to him; go get what is yours.

    • It is dying because the billions of dollars are not paying tribute to the roots (remember the African Diaspora) of reggae music. The culture vultures want no references to Africa although the ‘dominant’ gene in there body is of African origin, and only up to 12% is the recessive Neanderthal gene. So in order to maintain their genetic and culture ‘superiority’ they must re-write our story to justify dem stealing our culture. As far as the music business goes, they have been stilling our music since the Tin Pan Alley days. I even witness in my lifetime the great musician of that era, Duke Ellington, act guarded around white people at a public concert in Baltimore in the early 1970’s. These culture vultures and their off-spring have no raspect for the black man. Just look at how many blacks are group members? Hardly any! They hire legendary International Black Artist to exploit on their albums or as opening acts, but refuse to sign them or pay them decent money; not to mention not allowing roots artists to tour with them. I once intercepted a chat site where some of these above mentioned ‘mercenaries’ were discussing why them and the greater reggae market was not interested in hiring black acts. They stated in their post that black rastas were ‘hard to get along with’, always late, asking for more than they were worth, etc. I spent 20 years in the LA reggae music scene; one of the largest in the world. There are many great multi-racial bands in that scene. Most of the ‘neo-reggae’ bands are from Northern California (Mostly Humboldt and Mendocino Counties), or San Diego. I met many of them and shared the bill with many of them. I found most to be arrogant and condescending to roots musicians. Even a few of the white musicians that we knew and loved changed once they started working with these neo-reggae acts. True, prophesy say that Jah will deal with our oppressors, but we as true Rasta must realize that the ideology that we adopted from the eurocentric culture is the gray area where this and other supremacists suppress us and profit off of our suffering. Bob prophesied in his later years that we’d have to fight for our rights. A violent armed struggle will not put the white kids back in the seats of the black reggae shows, no it would do the opposite; namely, drive them further away. My suggestion is not a new one, my mentors, Duke Ellington, The Temptations, and Bob Marley had to reinvent themselves; like in the movie ‘The Five Heartbeats’. You remember. They changed to suit the times they were in. We black reggae musicians must do the same; we been culturally ripped off, along with our Indigenous cousins, for the better part of 600 years. Innovation is our only salvation…

  4. I stopped reading at the disrespect for Hon. Marcus Mosiah Garvey and our forefather Ras Howell. To read further is a spit in my ancestors faces. Rasta Bredren made the ultimate sacrifice by even DARING to wear the loks they saw Dedan Kimathi looking Dreadful in his fight for Kenya’s independence!!! I wish I could reach out and touch him. Better yet, our Ancestors will. And first, reggae music May be Rasta. But the Nyabinghi chant, is ours. Chant down Babylon till the break of dawn! That’s Rastafari. Selassie I……

  5. Appreciation to those that make intelligent and thoughtful comments, good reasoning is how the reasonable people in this world come to sound conclusions despite the propaganda and twisted social constructions that fill our world.
    There is a fine line between being critical and discerning (necessary in this world filled with garbage) AND being divisive and working against the idea of One Love. We must know and fight the enemy (Babylon system and its masters) while understanding that none of us are perfect. We are all evolving and growing (in either direction). If we are growing in the right direction, praise be to he. Maybe some white (or whatever color) rasta is doing some culture vulture. But maybe this will lead to true understanding along the road somewhere. Some think “oh you are white, you can’t do yoga cuz it is appropriation.” I don’t think the intent of yoga is racial segregation of who can practice yoga and who can’t. Yes there are some Americans using yoga as if it were a visit to the gym and this isn’t what yoga is about. I hope for their sake that along the way they will experience the true form but what harm does it do for them to get some exercise doing downward dog? Does it harm your meditation? Is your meditation insecure? Wish them well because they are not the slave master (using this as a symbol) and if they are then don’t criticize them for yoga (it might open their mind) but for the ills they perform. *True appropriation does exist! It is harmful and disrespectful and a way to make fun of culture. But there is genuine cross-culture exchange that is meaningful but is labeled appropriation out of angst and prejudice. Culture as we know it never evolved in a vacuum anyway, people have been exchanging culture as long as we can trace history. The point is : tend towards love not animosity. Don’t be quick to label someone fake because they are not like you. But for those that do harm and spread babylon ways don’t be so tolerant.

    • Again, this is another example of the comments that has no idea what they are talking about. They try to bamboozle with fancy phrases but when you look under the mattress there are nothing but bed bugs. Yoga or any other religion, philosophy or what ever you want to call it was not designed specifically for one particular race, ethnicity or single members of a national origin. On the other hand Rastafari was created specifically for member of the Black Race as defined as those with black skin and who have genetic origins in Africa. Period. Why don’t you go question the Israeli state for not allowing members who have no Jewish maternal origins to immigrate and become citizens? I think you would get the preverbal GTFOH. Most whites don’t and won’t question Jewish exclusivity because its white and respected. You fail to respect Rastafari as more than a passing fad. This allows you to denigrate the music, its culture and its aims as a black way of life indued with religious dynamism solely for Africans.

  6. Its a valid topic but both the writer and rebuker are kinda all over the place so I dont think it was handled well all around. Im a half breed,Mexican ( which is strongly African) and European and I sighted up Rastafari around 12-13 years old, so like 30+ years ago. I was blessed at a young age to meet a few binghi men and other Rasses who schooled I on the faith. I could ramble on for days and its a very complex issue but a few things I can share after a long trod within the faith Rastafari,like all faiths evolves and much of the white acceptance came from 2 things, Haile Selassies words being made available regarding race and international cooperation and forgiveness.and the white hippy movement in the 60s. Now, there has never been and never will be a consensus but I tell the I, most Elder Binghi and Bobo Rasses are fine with any race WHO HOLDS THE LIVITY.I am honored to have personally know many of the Elders, ones who have forwarded and the message was one of blessed love toward I man and toward full white families who hold the strong livity. Ive been at Nyahbinghi and was allowed to play the harps(drums) and no Rasta has ever bad minded me. Rastafari is respect and yes , plenty joker smokers w locks have no fing clue. InI believe in one Jah, 1 force for all Jah people, not white n black an other gods. Akhenaten, the African ,was the first one to bring forth the reality of monotheism. 1 Jah 4 all nations…. Rastafari royah creed is hungry fed,naked clothed,sick nourished,infants cared 4 and aged protected. That and to fight for justice for ALL living things. blessed love to you!

    • You can talk all you want and I call out Bull shit. You didn’t meet any real Rastas because real Rastas would have laughed at you. I have been a Rasta for nearly 40 years. Have lived and worked in Jamaica, Africa, Asia, and Europe. If you met Binghi men telling you that Rasta has no color then they are fake.

    • Yoga was developed for the world. Rastafari, Garveyism was developed for the black man and woman. This is proof positive that you have no idea what you are taking about. Rastafari creed is not freezing hungry, naked etc. Rastafari was created to uplift the black man and woman. Again its Rasclats Culture Vultures like you that have no idea WTF you are talking about.

    The writer or writers of this article, or whoever thinks like them, is inciting racial tensions; they are servants of the devil themselves. They know nothing about the Power of the Holy Trinity, and the fulfilment of prophecy. Nothing that is said in opposition to the integrity and supremacy of His Imperial Majesty can change the reality that Ras Tafari is GOD Almighty in Flesh, and that Reggae Music is the Medium through which this message is propagated cosmically. Neither JAH, nor His Saints, nor His Music can be defeated by these Culture Vultures. Wherever the children of the Most High abide, the devil is always in the midst working relentlessly to adulterate us, and to bring us down to their level of damnation. But we are not worried, because we are well aware of the fact that the wheat and tares must grow together until the day of harvest, when the tares shall be cast into the fire, and evil, Culture Vultures, shall be no more.

  8. this sounds like some devil business. they are saying that black is ugly! demonic statement. those people are not rasta-they are just imitating black people…

    • This is exactly why we Rastas have to be vigilant against these culture vultures. I am for all people and all races. But Rasta is a black religion and lifestyle for and by black people. We cannot trust that whites will take care of the faith–this statement proves it. We must be soldiers to defend it!

      • Greetings one and all!

        I wanna give thanks for love, life, truth and rights – and the guidance of the Word-Sound-Power of His Majesty. Wanna give thanks for you all, too, because you care enough to reason about this in this medium, as anonymous as it may be, at least you saying something people can learn from.

        I want to address the statement that “Rasta is a black religion and lifestyle for and by black people.” I’m not here to argue. Give thanks that it is that to you: you’re entitled to your opinion. Well, here’s mine.

        There is plenty of information out there on the origin of the Rasta movemant – I don’t want to get into that here, those who want to know will find. We see the works and teachings of His Majesty. Black people should feel empowered, but most don’t hear HIM. Then there are those who do who are still so caught up in the struggle of their own lives that they can’t see how universal and essential to mankind’s survival Rasta really is – these few are so militant they can’t work together with others, leaving the movemant as a whole as pretty much unworthy of its name.

        Give thanks for the people who are really picking up the teachings – those who do are not your enemies, whatever their colour or shape may be, a leopard can’t change its spots. Plenty of wolf-inna-sheep and Oreos that are way more harmful to the movemant than hippie-kids. Hatred and grudgeful and narrow-mindedness, divide and conquer, wrong emphasis or silence on certain subjects by elders – these things are at least as harmful to the movemant as the commercialisation of it. People thinking (Reggae-)musicians are the role-models for the youths, yeah right. Most Reggae-artists never really touched the land, never set up a works in Africa. Plenty of “elders” never managed to make their way to Africa, for a whole heap of “reasons” and with a whole heap of blame and excuses. These things are a shame to the name, and you can blame whoever you want, but JAH know most digital rasses ain’t real, stuck in Babylon and still bitchin’ because they don’t have it set right, talking about repatriation all their lives but not walking the walk for real. These people are samples, too – negative ones.

        Look to Africa. Move to Africa. Work in and with and for Africa. Go to the place where Our God loves to be – there you’ll find the real ones, not on some little-hype gossip-site on the web. You know it’s true. Check the teachings of His Majesty – to me, they still mean more than what anyone who calls himself whatever title he feels he should have comes up with. There is no excuse for ignoring HIM’s teachings, also when it comes to the subject of “race”. There is no excuse for ignoring Marcus Garvery’s teachings either, and when you check them and check how most people stay, especially the ones who talk like they know something, you know who’s real and who’s not. Go to Africa and see the wealth and width of what it is and could be – let’s reason about that, because that could actually get us all somewhere.

        A leader who we all should know said, “religion is private; government is public.” If people would comprehend that and put it to practice, imagine where we would be, the respect we would get, the things we could accomplish, and how much more honored His Majesty’s legacy would be. I see the Western/Babylonian mindset, the white man legacy that is embedded in the minds of many (Black) people, the mental slavery. People want to bring divide and conquer into Rasta, from ever since, but every real Ras knows it’s not about flesh and blood. We see ones rally around a banner that says One Love and has three colours yet only big up one and wonder how it’s not balanced. We see ones who say Rasta deal with others just as bad as Babylonians… Come off of it – you’re holding us back, you’re not helping yet you feel you got something to say.

        And a next thing, this one directed to expand on Ras Elder’s last statement – if you’re a person who trusts another man will take care of the faith, no matter that man’s colour, you’re already lost. If you put ANY man in between yourself and the Most High, you might as well worship the Pope, straight up. God helps those who help themselves. Man and man will let you down, again and again and again, til you 6’6”. Stop waiting for others. Stop waiting for hand-outs. Stop begging. Stop bitching. Start reaching out. Start handing out. Start giving. Start working. Time waits for no one, and Africa is about done waiting for YOU. Who the cap fit, start wear it now.

  9. Let me get this straight, some anonymous, non jamaican, non rasta white guy is trying to rationalize stealing the rasta “look” and somehow making rasta “more beautiful”, whatever that means? Just because he apparently is a softy for white girls with dreads.. Poor bastard..

  10. Gotta love journalism where a sentence is ended in ‘imho’. Implying that white people could further ‘beautify’ anything that another race does, or has made, is putting power in the hands of white people… Which we most certainly don’t need.

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