Blacks are doomed to extinction unless they wake up.

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Black Unity
Black Unity

As we look in the United States we see police killing young unarmed Black men almost on a daily basis without remorse or recourse. We also see armed Black men killing each other at an alarming rate. The way to get rid of a race is to kill them before they grow and have a chance to reproduce.

Look in Africa and we see South Africans killing other Africans in the name of job protection. We see boats leaving Africa heading to Italy and sinking on the high seas killing thousands of Black people. We see African Muslims in Nigeria following the commands of Arabs and killing their Christian brothers and sisters in great numbers.

Look in Israel and the Ethiopians are facing the same police brutality from the Israelis as Blacks face in the United States. Even in beautiful Jamaica, little children especially young girls are being killed daily.

The Black race is in no better position today than they were when the Europeans first set foot on the African continent with intentions of murdering, raping and pillaging everything in sight. Right now, Blacks are on a slippery downhill slope and unless they wake up their condition will continue to deteriorate.

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Marcus Garvey said it and Bob Marley in turn sang it, “Africa Unite”, but where is the unity. The only time Blacks can seem to show any sense of unity is after a young Black man gets gunned down by some racist white man. Blacks are being reactive when they need to be proactive.

Until Blacks wake up, start uniting across countries and continents, they will always be poor, drug dealers and bums at the white man table begging for crumbs. Right now, no other race is for Blacks, so Blacks can’t afford to not stand for each other. A lot of people like to point to Barack Obama being president of the United States as proof that other races does support Blacks. The fact is, however, if it was not for Obama’s white mother he would not be president of the United States. Let’s see how far Ben Carson gets. Also when other race gets close to Blacks and embrace the Black culture, it is just for that, nothing else. You will hundreds or even thousands of whites at a reggae or hip hop concert but you will never see thousands or even hundreds of whites at a civil right march for Blacks.

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Wake up Black people. As you have seen many words of Marcus Garvey came to pass. His words that Blacks cannot afford to come to pass are the following:

Africa with 400 million Black People can do it. If you cannot do it, if you are not prepared to do it then you will DIE. You race of cowards, you race of imbeciles, you race of good for-nothings, if you cannot do what other men have done, what other nations have done, what other races have done, THEN YOU HAD BETTER DIE.

– Marcus Garvey



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  1. Ben Carson is handsome, charming, well spoken, and has led a spotless life. He won’t be elected president because 1) he has no political experience, 2) he has no foreign affairs credentials, and 3) his positions are too far right. In fact, because of his positions, he will get more support from white voters than he will from black voters.

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