Should Rasta Men only love Rasta women?

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Sizzla, Black woman and child
Sizzla, Black woman and child

A picture was posted on 18 Karat Reggae facebook page of Sizzla, his son and the mother of his son. We are not sure if the woman is Sizzla’s wife or just the mother of his child. The woman in the picture is not a Rasta woman as many would expect as the wife or girlfriend of Sizzla Kalonji. In fact, the woman is wearing what appears to be fake hair, a weave.

Sizzla Kalonji and family
Sizzla with his wife and son.

It did not take long for the comments and criticisms to start flowing. Many took issue with the fact that Sizzla, one of the main promoters of Black consciousness would be with a woman who is not natural.

Below are a few of the comments:

Sizzla; who promotes black conscious & natural living, more than King Bob Marley even. Would have an unnatural wife. Natural hair are trending these days, you think a youth of his caliber would support that: MORE FIRE!

That is Sizzla’s wife? I was expecting someone more roots. Give me natural hair or something! What’s with the fakeness?

Lovely wife kalonji; what I realise most so call rastas and reggae singers who chant and burn the most fyah pon everything ; in reality they don’t practice what they preach.

Some Ratas will not lie with a baldhead woman, period. Many Rastas have actually had children with baldhead women. In fact, while Bob Marley’s main squeeze and wife Rita Marley is a Rasta, most of the other women he lie with and impregnated were baldheads.

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Judging from the comments, it sounds like the disappointment was not so much in Sizzla being with a woman with fake hair, it was more about what some deem as a hypocrisy in his music. Sizzla is a big promoter of the natural Black woman.

Whether or not a Rasta Man can be with a Rasta woman would depend on whether the two can coexist without compromising each others values. When a child gets involved it becomes even more complicated as they will have to figure whose value to instill in the child. A Rasta man might not want his child eating any kid of pork while the baldhead woman might be tempted to feed the child some bacon and eggs every now and then. So the bottomline is, it might depend on the individuals to decide.

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As for the Sizzla picture, it is always a joy to see a Black man being there for his Black son. So big up Sizzla Kalonji in that aspect.



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  1. You don’t have to dread to be rasta…! It’s the heart of love thethe greatest thing, and it’s the key!

  2. Love is not a hair style. If two people love each other and the mindset is correct and they share similar values then let love rule.

  3. Leave people business alone.
    It is not a dreadlocks thing
    Its devine conception of the heart.
    People find the pettiest things to criticise.

  4. First of all, whomever wrote the comments are unlearned and very judgemental. That’s my cousin in the picture and you’re speaking on something you don’t know anything about. Mind your business and allow people to live the way they want. It’s not your life and at the end of the day, your opinion means nothing. As long as they’re happy, that’s all that matters.

  5. First of all you can have natural hair and wear extensions if you want. Second of all “rasta garb” is just that. A costume. You can wear the costume all u want to try and impress people if your heart isnt clean God will not be impressed.

    Second of all people need to stop trying to “speak rasta” #1 cuz theres really actually no such thing. #2 they never do it right. Non-west indians im talking to you. Sizzla is like 40 years old. He is not a rasta “yute.”
    Thirdly and finally to out the matter to bed, i only deal with men in the faith and none has ever had a problem with my throwing in some microbraids for a few weeks. They know im natural underneath. Which is what counts. Whats inside.

  6. These reasonings get so TIRED and full of FOLLY. Who gives a damn? Yes, InI am a RastaWombman..I live natural all the way, plant based livity, Hail the King and the Queen…Live divine and seek truth and rights in I daily troddings. And yet still, i have met ones who have fight I about being “Rasta”. It is STUPID and has nothing to do with the KING or the QUEEN or IRATION or making the world a better place and spreading the truth about INI Afreekan Culture and healing the communities.INI black people and ALL people..LET US KEEP OUR MIND ON THAT!!!!!!

    One purefect Love….


  7. Rasta livity has rules,guiding us on every aspect of life.From what to wear,eat,marry….
    The number one rule is to study the word of God,the rules of rasta…
    A rastaman should always marry from within the family,to a woman of the same faith,and be the lnitiator of the woman to rasta livity beacause every woman has to be lnitiated by a rastaman. This man could end up being her husband or remain a spiritual brother. Rasta life HAS RULES.
    SOLOMON and SAMSON were rastamen who broke the rules of rasta marriage. You dont enter the movement and practice your own things. You will burn!

  8. To me 3 most important things are
    1. do they (Sizzla and that beautiful lady) love each other?
    2. Are they good practical examples to their son and other hildren?
    3. do they accomodate each others religious priorities and avoid the Samson, Adam or Solomon fall that is now blamed on women?

    If they are satisfied with all the 3 above then I propose then leave them to leave their lives. Where does hairstyle impact their happiness?

    Its not clear in the article whether they are married or baby co-parenting?

  9. From my personal experience don’t equally yoke with a unbeliever’s hard to bond with someone who don’t hold the same faith or religion vows as you

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