Things Only Jamaicans Do: The word “draw”.

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So the word “draw” can be used in many contexts like “draw a picture”, “draw blood” etc. But if you want to hear the word used (or overused) in every context possible, just talk to a Jamaican. Only a Jamaican would say something like this:

Mi go in the kitchen this morning fi go draw a cup a tea but the pipe nah work, so mi decide fi go a river go draw some water. The river far, so mi draw fi mi key and jump inna mi car. As mi reach a crossroad and draw the corner a Roy mi see a smoke some high grade. So mi just draw the brake and draw down pon him and say “Yo, Fat Man, beg yuh a draw a di weed nuh?”. Di man get vex and start hype up an a talk bout, “who yuh a call fat? you no see mi start exercise and mi draw?” Mi nah mek no boy draw mi out still so mi decide fi tek weh miself. Before mi coulda press gas, di boy nuh draw mi out a mi car, all draw off mi shirt and a draw mi inna di road, mi affi draw fi mi raas knife and draw him raas blood.

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