Black Men angry at Serena Williams for getting pregnant for a White man.

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Serena Williams
Serena Williams

Serena Williams just announced that she is 20 weeks pregnant for fiancé, Alexis Ohanian, the co-founder of Reddit. Even though it was well known that Serena was engaged since late last year, Black men on social media are not taking the news too well.

When the news of Serena’s pregnancy broke, the comments started flying on Twitter and Facebook. A lot of Black men thought it was ridiculous that Serena Williams remained a virgin after dating so many Black men but yet she gave it up to a White man before marriage. A lot of men might have forgotten that Serena Williams is currently engaged to the man she is pregnant far, a place she never got with any of the Black men she dated. Of course, engagement and marriage are two different things but a ring is a ring. Like Beyoncé said, “If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it.”

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So Serena got her ring, now she is no longer a virgin and she is pregnant. Black men need to leave her alone and let her be happy. In fact, Serena should be a wakeup call to Black men all over the world. If the Black man refuses to treat the Black woman like wife material, another man from a different ethnicity will step in and do just that and you will have no one to blame but yourself.

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So Black men, don’t bash Serena for being pregnant for a white man. Congratulate her. Congratulate them both. Serena has dated many Black men, none of them put a ring on the finger, and a white man stepped in and did the job. That’s what fairytales are made of.



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  1. Great way to strengthen your genes Serena! Looks like it’s taking all he has to hold her up. I’m sure her father is very happy. Like most women with her wealth regardless of race finding a man who can bring equal finances plus the personality to work with such a woman is going to be hard to find. Glad she found someone to pro-create with although she cut her blood

  2. Black men want a nerve to be mad. Are they mad? I guess that Serena has her own life to live. Just like yall she is exploring a new doctrine. I wish I had the guts to date a white boy. Cause that will free me from that black man. White men do treat women better than black men. I agree. I dont like what I’m saying here. Dont want to bash black men. But, hey they bash us all the time. I’ve I heard two wrongs dont make it right.
    I’ve see that black men are worried that they not a big dick or even known as good sex to Serena. She didnt even lost her virginity to them.

  3. I wish I could have been in the right place at the right time….i could show Serina how good we white men treat our woman….and that we just as big as them so don’t let the lies fool you!!!!!

  4. Don’t be deluded. White men can be just as horrible to women and girls as black men. However, when you don’t respect yourself and feel you have power over another, your anger is (almost) always directed at them, whether it is your wife/girlfriend or your children (usually both). Again, don’t be deluded, though. Women can and sometimes do behave just as badly. When I see/hear black men deriding her boyfriend, I feel sad. Those men don’t respect themselves enough to, if not be happy for her, at least respect her right to be with who she wants. As well, this whole conversation is being manufactured by blacks who are stupid enough to believe the lie that “Blacks cannot be racist in America,” which is among the most idiotic arguments ever made. By that logic, Jim Crow was right that Blacks are not full humans. If you are fully human, you are fully capable of being racist because racism is simply prejudice. And this BS about Blacks cannot be racist because they live is a country controlled by Whites? By that logic, the KKK is not racist in Congo or South Africa. Well, ain’t that a hoot! Let’s tell David Duke the good news! I’ve been held out of clubs from Los Angeles to Seattle for no other reason than being white. Yet, these little boys who do not respect themselves claim that only whites can be racist. Remember, until they learn to respect themselves, these Serena-bashers will never respect her. Or any other women who does not live as they think she should.

  5. Incestuous breeding only weakens the blood line. The broader the cross-section of genetic material a child has, the healthier it will be. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Excluding genetic deformities brought by the parent.

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