Bob Marley Marijuana Ice Cream.

Bob Marley ice cream
Bob Marley ice cream

You can never have too much of a sweet thing. If the “satisfy my bowl” Bob Marley inspired ice cream from Ben and Jerry’s was not enough to satisfy your need for sweet, no worries, an Italian company is coming to your rescue.

An ice cream parlour in the northern Italian town of Alassio has created cannabis-flavoured ice cream in honour of the late reggae king Bob Marley.

The delicacy, which includes peeled hemp seeds as a base, was created together with Canapa Ligura, a local association that promotes health benefits associated with hemp.

Aside from the association to Marley, the creators of this marijuana ice cream are also promoting the health benefits of their cannabis treat.

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According to The Local-Italy, the producers are capitalising on the health benefits of hemp which they claim has “beneficial properties due to the high presence of fatty acids, which make it a valuable way to fight and prevent different ailments including arteriosclerosis, cholesterol, osteoarthritis, respiratory disorders, eczema and acne.”

Hemp, or cannabis grown for industrial purposes, is refined into products such as hemp seed foods, hemp oil, wax or fuel.

However, not all marijuana ice cream experiments have been successful. In February, a couple in Iceland who made and ate their own homemade marijuana ice cream were taken to hospital after they started experiencing hallucinations.

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