There is nothing Rasta about white Rastas.

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White Rastas
White Rastas

The Rastafari movement was started solely for the purpose of resisting white racism, imperialism and colonialism. That was not to say that only Black, Brown or oppressed people could be Rastas. The Nyabinghi motto is “Death to Black and white oppressors”. Therefore the main tenet of being a Rasta is that you must be anti-oppression and it was not based on the shade of your skin.

The question must be asked, however: Are these white “Rastas” anti-oppression and if so, what are they doing to combat oppression? The world might not be as oppressive as when the Rasta movement first started but it is oppressive none the less. Yet, you will never see any of these white Rastas doing anything that can be remotely considered fighting against oppression.

You will see white Rastas at reggae festivals, with long dreads blowing in the wind, decked out in red, green and gold from head to toes, big marijuana spliffs in their mouths, freeing their mouths of these spliffs just long enough to shout “One love mon” on the top of their lungs. You will never, however, see these white Rastas at a Black lives matter demonstration. There was not one single white Rasta at the protests over the killing of George Floyd. There are no white Rastas screaming out against the atrocities being committed against the Palestinian people. White Rastas showed no public outrage when a grand jury refused to indict the cold hearted murderer of Tamir Rice.

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Rasta means resistance. But exactly what are White Rastas resisting? Their parents maybe? They surely aren’t resisting against the system. In fact, they are defenders of the system.

The sad thing about it is white Rastas could make such a huge difference if they chose to. They could chant down racism without being accused of playing the race card. White Rastas could bridge the gap between white and Black cultures since they have an idea of what goes on both sides of the fence. But it seems like if it takes more effort than blowing marijuana smoke in the air it is too much responsibility for them. In other words, they want the “coolness” of Rasta without carrying the burden. They will dance with the real Rastas at a reggae concert but once the music stops, their motto becomes; “He is too heavy, he is not my brother.”

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If you are a white Rasta fighting against oppression, let us know exactly what you are doing to fight oppression.



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  1. “Rasta means resistance, fight against oppression” bla bla bla…

    Don’t you know that Rasta means FIRST allegence to the Emperor Haile Selassie I 1st, Christ in His kingly character ? As long as you recognize HIM as Christ in flesh then you are a Rasta Man.

  2. This is not accurate. I constantly chant down babylon and what you have seen to influence you on this article are white reggae fans, not white Rastas. White or black if you arent burning out the oppression in America, Africa, the middle east and all over the world you are not a Rasta because that is contrary to the teachings of Qedamawi Haile Selassie I.

  3. This artical is written matter of factly when really this is just the authors opinion. Not saying there aren’t tons of “shop lock white reggae” fans who have confused liking reggae music with the spiritual calling of sighting Haile Selassie the First as the All Mighty with in them selfs. But there are plenty of examples of “white” Rastafari fighting oppression . It just doesn’t have to be showcased and made a big deal of, as if because there white it’s some how more important than what there counterparts have been doing sense the 1930s . If ones are fighting oppression it should be done out of there own self knowing of what is wright and wrong and not because they will get a pat on the back from the community.


  5. This article is very poor…
    And there is a difference between a Rastaman and a man with dreadlocks…
    Many of these so call Rasta are in fact only wearing dreads as it is fashionable, and have nothing to do with the Rasta movement. They might yes listen to Reggae and Dub, but are missing a lot in education of what the message is.
    Re write the article with more infos…
    I am mixed race Afrikan woman, i do have dreadlocks because my natural hair are made for it, its easier for me and it suit me. Am i rasta? No. Do i have the knowledge reagrding Selassie and Rasta movement yes. But aint nothing related.
    One Love to all brothers and sisters

    • @Tiffany i so much agree with you

      first i apologise for my english is not my first language. also, i am white. who wrote this article for sure has nothing to do with rasta culture, rasta is not keeping hate inside, “Rasta means resistance” (lol) rasta is not “if you are not with me you are against me” culture. it is about love, or at least this is how i see it. indeed, they are a lot of people who wear dreadlocks just for fashion, and also they are so many people who dont wear dreads, but they have rasta belives.. “you dont haffi dread to be rasta”… i love black culture very much, not only rastafarian culture but this is another story. also a clickbait article like this sucks. you dont have to tear apart people

  6. Why doesn’t the author ever bring up guys like Donkey Cartel when bringing uonthe group black lives matter?

    Because the authors attitide in this article is a reflection of the same type oc attitude as that of Donkey Cartel. Reverse racism. Why would any “White rasta” imbed themselves with a group that attracts individuals with such a disgusting view of the world?

  7. Fuck you.

    Fuck you and fuck you and Fuck you. We, us Rasta(as you call us, we never called us that) have no cares for your world. We want out, black white yellow brown or green. We dont want the right to live in your world, we want to be free humans in a free world. The simplicity of your argument is as stupid as believing that our modern world can be saved, it must all fall, it’s unsustainable, AND, perhaps, after we fail, IF we rebuild, if we survive them perhaps we will build a true and just society.

    We dont want to have “Equal rights like all the other pour people” We want Equal Rights WITH justice.

    So, fuck you! Collie say so

    • if it good 4 the gander, then give it to the goose, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you its all about me and what I want, I fucking I am the fucking EYE it all about me, meself n I n I n EYE the the all importent fucking EYE,; Rasta got nothing and get nowhere he is the reggae reject, there is no place for the violent racist rastaman among the reggAe men, no place for Percy Howell, Rev Hung, violence or racism, the reggae man respect music and serve and soothe the people, all colour, for all time no fee, just love, one LOVE one people ONE GOD, no religion of peace, not a way of life, its the way of peace, its GOD way, LOVEisTHE GOD WAY

  8. the writer calls some people white rasta’s and other people “real” rasta’s, ? grow up & do not play people for a joke…

  9. how you can judge I without knowing I? you know how i pass my days? ask to the refugees i help daily in my city about the white rasta..
    no black and white, new race RastafarI said,(things you don’t know..) your goodness does not depend on your colour, you’re racist
    please to leave this job to someone who knows what is writing.. you does not seem to be a journalist or a writer..

  10. There is a whole heap of fashon Rasta’s both black & white. Yes it is annoying to see so called rasta’s black & white shouting Jah Rastafari whilst drinkin a beer or eating pork or putting shit up their noses.Some Rastafarians (including one of Haili Salassies sons) call my place Rasta Univercity. I look totally white. Would never call my self Rastafarian as I don’t like labels. Am known in my country for leading demos in order to bring equal rights. This contant need to colorize everyone into a box is getting old & is quite frankly Racist !! 2 wrongs will never make a right!!

  11. I don’t recall seeing any black rastas at any of these protests also si what’s the point? Young black males with dreadlock styled hair but not true rastas.

  12. OK i am white and i love reggae music. I cutted my dreads 10 years ago because of exactly this problem. (and because everywhere i was, people asked me for weed). I know a lot white guys living the rasta thing. And i know a lot of political revolutionairy people. I am going to anticapitalism manifestations and palestine pro events too. The point is a lot of political people do not listen reggae because of homophobia and sexism. So thats why a lot guys like me do not wearing dreads. To fight oppression is to fight capitalism, why the rasta movement do not realize this?

  13. Wow, I’m happy to say this is my first and last visit to 18karatreggae… Obviously the author is a fucktard, but the fact that this bias bullshit got published leaves me questioning the legitimacy of anything else that would be posted on this site. You can’t teach integrity.

  14. I don’t identify as white, I’m bronze or at most beige in the winter. I don’t call myself a Rastafarian either, since I have tattoos and cut my beard. I recently cut off my dreds to get a job, but I am going to grow them back. Rastafarian is as much a piece of my spiritual beliefs as Buddhism, Animism, or the old pagan gods of Scandinavia, many of which have held dreds to be sacred. As an activist I helped legalise marijuana in DC, protested against the war in Syria, Iraq, Palestine, and the military dictatorship of Burma/Myanmar. I have also protested the non indictment of George Zimmerman, several other police shootings and murders, the FBI, nuclear weapons, Monsanto, mtn top removal, and Shell just to name names. I marched from Baltimore to DC on the 75 anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr s historic march with 12 others. All night, forced march, in the rain. This is just a sample, I’m thinking of several more but it would just take to long to list. Anyway, I have been doing a lot of armchair activism lately, with work and whatnot, but I did protest Columbus Day and the desecration of sacred Hopi lands. Losing my dreds has caused me to loose my connection to other people who share many of my views, while at the same time, helping to ingratiate myself to those who don’t. I want to reestablish that instant recognition, even at the cost of my newfound freedom from police discrimination. I talk about some of my theories on race in this zine, its a little dated but I’m going to work on it. The only thing that has changed is Shell divesting from most of the things I was blasting them for:

  15. Bullshit. the author offers no proof just a vague . Have they been to all those marches and gatherings, seen every single person on the ground and personally vetted, gauged their opinion? This is completely arbitrate as some white guy writing a a think piece saying “all black people steal” there is no proof, no statistics, just bias. Yes there are white people that appropriative culture without sharing the burden or responsibility there is no denying that. But not every black person with dreadlocks is politically active or a “Rasta” either, so to me it doesn’t make a difference if there person is black or white, in this article he should be talking about EVERYBODY who claims rasta.

  16. Your article is racist as hell (and ignorant in many other ways as well 😉 ). Stop thinking & dividing in races, etnic groups, religions, nations,… whatever.

    If you don’t get that, you are the problem. Educate yourself! (maybe stick to reading instead of writing for a while)

  17. Oh my awesome read and true speak have a few dabbles of this phenomenon in my own circles. Ganja is deadening their very lives but who am I to tell them how to live! I scoff at America right now with the criminal Justice system! I ask myself all the time “what can I do? I am still hoping maybe dreaming I dunno!

  18. Sinead O’Connor herself doesnt have dreds but she hung out with all kinds of Rasta! Did an album too!The Beatles countless other artists went to India and are not Hindus! My point is I do like the fact the writer brought up injustice well Im ashamed the state of the US actually at present. Curious why brought to light more under Obama then before its going on for years. They pack the jails with blacks and its disgusting unequal treatment under the law of theUS. It is oppression! Im working on it though and yes there was marginization in this article. Just hope putting everyone in a category doesnt ruin all our diaspora!

  19. what we are doing to defend equal rights & justice is definitely hunting idiotracistpricks like you and kill them all so that the world can be a better place

  20. Greetings,

    Give thanks for the article on the “white rastas”, however I do believe the author is a bit misguided and uninformed there is a point. if I may, ask where are you from? Are you yourself a rasta, if so which house to you associate with? the author of the article describes white reggae fans as if they are “white rastas”, however this is true for reggae fans of all races, nyabhingi is the only true rasta music and rasta of all races burn fire on reggae. When they ask what are the ‘white rastas” doing about the protests, it is the same thing all rastas are doing about the protests. There are many brothers at the protests with locks but not many of them are Rastas, if any of them are at all. At the Black Lives Matter protests I have seen a lot of white brothers with and without locks, though none of them are really rastas, except maybe me. In actuality I don’t see any of the other rastas round here at the protests. This is because Rasta don’t feel like we need to depend on babylon and are focused on repatriation, the twelve tribes house here has downsized because so many have left to Ethiopia, the Nyabhingi same thing, and the Boboashanti’s won’t even function with anything outside of their reverence services, including other Rasta functions and especially reggae shows, much less street protests. However, I have been advocating for decades that Rasta is always political and that we must always fight for truth and rights. Perhaps it is just where this author is from that they are not seeing “White Rastas” at protests, or that they do not know that much about Rasta livity in the first place, or maybe both. However, this term “white Rasta” does not make sense from observing the teachings of Hon Marcus Garvey, Prince Immanuel, and Haile Selassie I. To be Rasta one follows the Ethiopian creed pledging themselves to Ethiopia and thus becoming Ethiopian. In this sense a Rasta is not considered white by any means because by being Rasta they now stand against oppression. This does not mean they are completely cut off from white of even light skin privilege, but they have consciously rejected at least some of that privilege by choosing to trod a Rasta trod, particularly if they are to wear robe and turbine at all times, pray round the clock, read scripture round the clock, and chant Nyabhingi at all times. This is a spiritual discipline. Rastafarians are on a mission to rebuild zion in Ethiopia, Ethiopian Zionists. It matters not what color you are when Babylon falls those safe in zion will have a choice, stay in Africa where your descendants will become more and more African, or return to your native lands and build righteousness there. I do understand that I may be seen as white by those who are only checking color, but those who know me do not consider me white and its always been that way for me, though to look at me you would not know that I have a black grandfather or that my grandfather considered himself a follower of Haille Sellasie long before I was born. I grew up in a mixed family and was always drawn to social justice issues Rastafarianism came to me in my teen years. I have been beaten by police, shot at by police, as well as gangsters, and looked down the barrel of the police guns more times than I can really count. One particular time the cop shouted at us to put our hands in the air. when I looked at the brethren I was with, we all had our hands held high. He yelled put your hands in the air again and started to squeeze the trigger as he broke into a nervous twitch. Luckily another cop ran over and calmed him down. The gun though, was on me for the same reason the author would like to see more “white rastas” at the rallies, my light skin is more of a threat for them. The brethren had his arm broken by the cops when he not only would not listen when they told him he needed to separate his child from the black children in the neighborhood but instead found out he was a “white Rasta”. They still doing drive by’s on him. It is harder to talk to white people as a Rasta because they simply can’t relate and want to live in their sheltered world, but really they are scared of losing their privilege and dealing with oppression. In actuality this is how they are oppressed by the racist dialogue. After having locks for 15 years i cut them to take on new vows to Jah accompanied with the nazarene tradition of not drinking alcohol, not eating flesh/ dead meat, and not cutting the hair and beard. if a Rasta you know does any of these things it does not mean they are not Rasta, But they are not following the Nazzarite laws and are not Nazarite Rastas (I personally do not see the point of growing out locks if you are spiritually cut off from the whole blessing of the Nazzarite vow) Aside from the nazarite vows which are outward signs of their agreement with the most high are the inner vows they share with Jah. you should not ask a Nazarite what they have asked of Jah in return for not cutting their hair, drinking alcohol, or eating animals, it is their sacred cross to bear. when I cut my locks it was the first time I noticed stereotypical white people talk to me, but it didn’t last as my locks grew back and my faith intensified, now 15 years later my locks are even longer than they were the first time and I am a lot clearer in my faith and direction and at the least I know that black lives matter. To answer the author I have been involved in community projects to protect the drinking water in poor neighborhoods as well as the air, have worked with many non-profits like Hands for Africa and the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, been fired from teaching project children because they scored higher on the tests I prepared them for then any other children in the district. (they seriously brought in police to collect their retests to prove that they could duplicate their results). Ive been to countless rallies and we teach a black lives matter martial arts class. I have also helped to organize black lives matter conferences, some white people are missing out. Environmentalists are publishing papers saying that the most important thing that that can be done right now for the environment is to join the black lives matter movement.As a professional athlete I used my platform to spread awareness about Rastafarianism and now I am working to support the growth of skateboarding in Ethiopia. We have turned so many youth away from gangs by advocating for skateparks Ethiopia also gains from this. I have a Masters degree in transformative social change, my thesis was on the decriminalization of cannabis focusing on rethinking racist laws. I am still working on my doctorate but forward ever, backward never. However, the most important thing I have done for BLM is having youth that can be inspiration for others and respecting the Queens. Two sisters were actually arguing weather I was a “white ally” recently, with one who just met me saying that she truly believes I am a “white ally” and the other arguing that I’m not actually white. I have to agree with the latter sister who knows me, a “white ally”; leaves the black lives matter gathering, goes back to their privileged life, hangs out with their almost exclusively white friends talking over wine, and are basically excluded from black reality. I go home to a black household in a black building in a black neighborhood. When I walk by the youth on the corner and I tell them to be careful the police don’t shoot them for bringing their toy guns outside, they respectfully go inside and say hi to me the next day because they see me as part of their black community as do I. I hope this helps for perspective on the matter. More white people need to be welcomed into the black lives matter movement in the same way more blacks need to be welcomed into their white privileged world. it is better to see more white people at BLM events than to see “white rastas” . Because to white people, as it is for black people, rastas of their own race just don’t count.
    Blessed love,
    The Honorable Prophet Jah Brian Simeon Black Star Lion (titles bestowed on me by various Rastafarian elders and committees of elders throughout the years)
    one and all are welcome to contact me at

    • To wear your hair in Dread locks, used to be an indication that you, by choice, have chosen to separate yourself from all the attributes of a world ruled and dominated by the off springs of Savages, Neanderthals, Barbarians and a Primitively uncultured people. Known as the vow of a Nazarene, The Knotty Dread Lock of a Nazarite, has been imitated by all manner of paganism. White people mostly chased out of Europe, after some European countries had depleted their natural resources, from the wastage, greed and profiteering, and the total disrespect for human life, and life in general. These are the same people who ended up in the Americas, called the welcoming indigenous Indians savages, and then murdered millions of them, employing every method available. They took time out in a land of plenty, to eat their own kind at James Town, ( Cannibalism!) They then went on to Africa, and with the Bible and Shiny Trinkets, they lured another set of welcoming indigenous people into trusting them, full well knowing that their intentions were to Kidnap, murder, and pillage the wealth and resources of Africa. They dubbed the Africans savages, and the rest is history. Now as a Negro, if any individual chooses to accept some White person smoking weed, wearing Dreadlocks,and claiming to be Rastafarian, that is up to that Negro to make that decision. I also believe that that should be cut off from any Negro Rastafarian organization, group or association. My reason for that, belief, take look back just a few years, at the history of every Black Civil Rights movement or group. All of these were infiltrated by White pretenders and impostors, who had some times spend years under cover, and among the people of such movement, with single aim to learn the ways of such movement, inform their handlers in the FBI., and other White law enforcement agencies, to the demise of what ever organization. Those who wants to talk about dividing the races, must be made aware the of the fact that the White man long ago have achieved that feat. Those Whites that wants to stand with groups like “BLACK LIVES MATTER,” Wouldn’t they serve better in demonstrating in the segregated neighborhoods where they grew up or comes from and among those who looks like them, where racism is rampant? I think so! As a Rastafarian who since the early 1960’s had adopted the Nazarene vow, sixteen years ago I cut off my Dreadlocks for the reason that Dreadlocks had become trivial as an identity of Rastafarian’s. Every kind of character was adopting the knotty hairs STYLE. I have seen so many documentary films depicting people in the Rastafarian movement, filmed by White people whose agenda was to disparage and make the Rastafarian out to be uncivilized morons. There is only one group of people who fits that description, That is primitive, uncivilized off spring of Neanderthals and Barbarians. Read the histories of Christopher Colombus, Marco Polo and most of Americas founding fathers, then compare the plight of the Nergo in today’s America, and you will realize that White people falls into categories of those who want to change things as they are. Those who believe they are not racist and can’t see what the problem is, or why Black people just wont get over it. There are those who have fallen in love with the Rebellious life style of the Rastaman and weed smoking ways, not stopping to realize that weed is sacrament. So my advice to the Rastafarian, get to know your White imitators, the could be impostors. Be careful.

  21. Guess it doesn’t matter if it’s about a white or black rasta. You don’t need dreadlocks to be a rasta. Having locks don’t mean you have a deeper counciousness too. Same goes for gunslinging cocaine dealing Marley shirt wearing blacks having locks. It’s not about the outer appearance. Hoe many blacks having locks simply love busting women and robbing men? They too aren’t protesting against oppression.
    So is it about locks all together?

    • yeah its about being different, but apart from that you like islam and have nothing to offer, nothing we’d willingly choose, but the reggae man has much to offer the people, a true shaman and GOD cure is in his music, it the medicine. Da fake black rasta got nothing but SCORNing complaints in hot air, too much myth voodoo n mystery nothing but black emptiness, scripture describe dem well JAMES 1;., They are like wandering stars, doomed forever to blackest darkness.

  22. wow, this article really dumbs down a deep spiritual movement to a pop craze or a stylistic choice or something. Its sad people like this are out there that would write this, the hypocrites, there is no way the author is or knows rasta.

  23. There’s enough white tears in here to fill an oil-drum.
    Rasta was made by African people FOR African people, which again means, that those who aren’t African, are guests in OUR HOUSE. ACT ACCORDINGLY.

    • Thank you. Even white people are disgusted by the whining here. Drink the sweet tears, Black brothers and sisters in struggle!

    • Where are we to look for our survival, for the answers to the questions which have never before been posed? We must look, first, to Almighty God, Who has raised man above the animals and endowed him with intelligence and reason. We must put our faith in Him, that He will not desert us or permit us to destroy humanity which He created in His image. And we must look into ourselves, into the depth of our souls. We must become something we have never been and for which our education and experience and environment have ill-prepared us. We must become bigger than we have been: more courageous, greater in spirit, larger in outlook. We must become members of a new race, overcoming petty prejudice, owing our ultimate allegiance not to nations but to our fellow men within the human community.” Emperor Haile Selassie I

  24. I agree there is a difference between locked up white party kids and followers of a religion. BUT. If you claim to honor a religion that honors an African man (Selassie) and you are white, then you all DAMN SURE better get educated about white privilege and how it plays into intersections of oppression around the world (including Europe and Africa, and ESPECIALLY former colonies like Jamaica). Otherwise you are just appropriating. That goes especially for the idiots who prate about “reverse racism” (racism is a system of INSTITUTIONALIZED race oppression as well as individual. Without the institutional piece and the overwhelming power imbalance that brings, you’re talking about individual prejudice, which is horrible but NOT racism. In other words, you may have been beaten up by the Black kids in high school, but you haven’t had 200 years of legislation in this country saying you weren’t human and had no rights. Those kids were angry, prejudiced, reactionary assholes looking for a target, not racists.)

  25. The Author is not only misguided, but also simply an ignorant RACIST, asking racist questions. Also totally so far away from the spirituality which is the uniting force for all humans.

    Being Rasta should never be about skin color. It is about prophecy fulfilled. And realizing that and spreading the message and trying to live appropriately.

    I grew up and live in South Africa. my mother is BLACK my father is mixed, and we felt the brunt of racism for too long in this country for me to have to hear it echoe4d in the Rasta community. Learn to love unconditionally and the questions asked will have n9o more value or meaning to anyone.

    I am tired of this shit. Grow up already Rasta.

  26. great article! people have their panties in a bunch cuz its true!! chanting down babylon is not just a slogan to use to show ur so different and against the system.. we want tosee actions not lyric memorization and weed pics. find a cause , do something. be outraged. what is ur commitment to oppression because bob Marley shirts don’t stop police from seeing black men as criminals, nor does cure racism, sexism, and classism . u r judged by ur actions not ur iTunes playlist and peaceful words. grow a pair of ovaries and make shit happen!

  27. To tell you the truth.. this article is kinda messed up.
    I thought the Rasta message was more of love and unity.

    Have the ideals of resistance within the movement overpowered the ideals of brotherhood? And to a point that makes it justifiable to ‘resist’ those who stand by you, based on the tone of their skin?

    I understand the issue with so called ‘rasta imposters’. But there are such of both colors.

    Real eyes realize real lies. One love. One people. –
    – THAT is the message that I hear when I think of Jamaica, Reggae and the Rasta movement.

    Not the piece of racist garbage in this particular article…

    • The author is just some leftist hate filled fool, who like majored in Race Studies or some other nonesence created by marxist professors.. He claims Rasta means resistance and seems to not even know that it is from (HIM), his former name Ras Tofari, later King Selassie I.. Who spoke out brilliantly against the type of racism this author and his ilk here like Generatrix and logan mullins are espousing. (also the author?)

      Rastafari does not advocate hate and is incompatible with Marxism, gway, Rasta don’t want you.

      Btw those evil white men, via the Americans as written in our constitution, and through our actions, and also the British, via the British navy did more to end Slavery permanently, what had always existed, then any other group.

      Also in America, the Democrats were the party of slavery and who fought to keep it while the Republicans did not own slaves and fought to abolish it.

      Learn your history. Discard the horrible divide and concur strategy of the Identity politics of the left. God created all man, not just black man, white man, or whatever.

  28. “I must say that black and white, as forms of speech, and as a means of judging mankind, should be eliminated from human society. Human beings are precisely the same whatever colour, race, creed or national origin they may be.” – Emperor Haile Selassie I

  29. FIRST OF ALL WE FYAH BURN REGGAE IT IS NOT INI CULTURE pure foolish dey go on for dem reggae shows drunkenness,prostitution, all kind of nasty drugs so anyone who think listening to reggae or going to reggae shows make you a conscious “Rasta” is highly deceived and in darkness. Haile Selassie I specifically stated, “Not only am I the emperor of Africa, I am King of all NEGROS everywhere, including those in the United States and other foreign domains”, meaning he is the black King for all black people. He come to fight fascism and oppression when Italians (white people) invaded our land trying to claim that last piece of Africa that was never conquered by any white mon. Yes in his speeches he teach us one race should not see themselves superior to other races and only because the truth speaks for itself our greatness is written in stone, then again we black people never hated anyone because of race we welcomed Europeans in our land with open arms, it was the white race that first showed us that first hatred. We simply refuse to be naive again as before by welcoming white people into our land of Africa teaching our culture to whites only to have them disrespect,murder and thief InI in every possible way. Don’t care who it offend……

    • you could know that GOD NO PARTIAL.. I really don’t think it could be an intelligent thing to start talking about God’s skin…
      after the war, Selassie defeated Mussolini and Fascism.. then HIM visited Italy 3 times (Italy is the place with the biggest number of official visits by Selassie), and everytimes HIM received love from the common people and great respect from authorities.. You must know that..
      Selassie defeats enemies, then he conquers them FOREVER..
      If u want to know something else about HIM in Italy, just link me up.. Blessings…

      • who says;., ask the people who lived under his tyrannic rule, ask the Ethiopiens that grew up there in the 70’s, he blossomed, but like a flower he faded, then unlike a god, went senile and died then a secret humble burial, but you say NO he lives, oh well, its your god

  30. I have read the comments here and have taken a few to come with a response. To the author of the article, I have little response but to agree in a general way that in my observation FAR TOO MANY whites maintain a comfort level within their representation of what they presume rastafari to be. In the larger scope of things – not ‘who is or who is not’ rasta – the question carries little significance and yet the very image of a “white” is just another way in which whiteness as a concept displays its ignorance; to see these whites rallying behind nothing but reggae and ganja sporting the colors of sacred Ethiopia (which contain the color RED! THAT IS THE BLOOD OF AFRICANS SHED BY WHITES AND OTHER INVADERS INTO AFRICA !!!). There are many instances when greater minds than mine have reasoned about the subtlties of white privilege and how that state of mind/being is often not understood by those who it serves. SO it is NOT unreasonable to think that this same blindness of white skin privilege affects – to a lesser or greater extent – those whites who claim an affinity or devotion to Rastafari. And here’s the thing: This term “White Rastafarian” is somewhat of a tragic misnomer isn’t it ?? I mean there can be no such literal thing as a “white” Rastafarian because the term white is an evil ascription created with the express purpose of oppressing/destroying black and brown skin people. So to all the posters here who are calling the author a “racist”: Please go check your privilege and check the farther-reaching definition of “racism” before you cry and justify !!
    BTW – I am unjustly privileged by the concept of whiteness as well (I am “white”)

  31. in my youth as a drummer we wore dreadlocks b4 it was white kids we did stirr up a reaction..i learned alot while being natty. We sang about world corruption and the shitstem and alot about equal race.But as I grew more and learned from the rasta community and in myself,who just happens to have a natural born abIlity to play reggae drums.WE (our little tribe) came outtta the Punk rock 80s movement which is very political and screams human rights and individuality, so after we filled that canvas and our musical listen tastes changed..Reggae reminded me that we Need to Love and show it.I-{WE} never regarded ourselves as Rasta ,,at all ,one main thing was to not feel like hippocrits and ungenuine.So after wearing dread for 5-6 years.I removed them from my head because I did feel ingenuine and out of huge respect for Rastas and the practices and spirit.A lesson learned along my journey,and it was fruitful.

  32. Idiot man wrote this, and a coward who doesn’t want to add his name under his article….
    This is way to gross to even be worth discussing, seems like an ignorant write it….

  33. white is a legal term for free-born. any skin tone can be white. for example, the Irish were never called “white” in Europe in spite of their light skin. “black and white” as we know the names was invented in America. there were always Africans in Europe and they were never considered less than human until recently.

    no mind where you come from, as long as you’re a black man, you’re an African. no mind the complexion, there is no rejection, you are an African.

    even a Swede has African blood.

  34. Isn’t this a form of racism? Obviously written by someone “not white”. It will never end because some do not let the past rest. ALL lives matter and just because a white person isn’t at a “black lives matter” event doesn’t make them wrong (maybe didn’t feel like blocking traffic and being real dic*heads). You keep the ball rolling and racism around. If you don’t stop, when will it stop? Ignorance.

  35. Rastafari is for everyone… its not so black and white!

    I know many Rastas of each and every skin tone and color that fight against oppression.

    You do not know every “White Rasta” out there.. nor do you know what all of these white Rastas do with all of their time.. so how can you assume that they do not do righteous things?

    What you may be noticing noticing are the fashion dreads.. and confusing them for Rastas.. there is a difference.

    Your stereotyping is a form of racism in and of itself.

    Your article is oppressive and that is why it is catching a fight lol..

  36. This is the most racist article I ever read.
    Do u really think all black “rastas” are fighting against the system?? Do u want some famous names of SO-CALLED black rastas defending the system, using cocaine or doing something also that have nothing to do with “Rasta” principles?
    There are good and bad in all races, with all colors, no matter if u black, white or chinese.. GOD NO PARTIAL!
    If u are a good Rasta, you could be black, white or yellow.. If u are a fake Rasta, you could be black, white or yellow..
    Don’t tell bulls*it to the people!

  37. Yo,

    first of all: you don’t haffi dread to be rasta
    2nd: the fact that you talk about collour is sad, Read what Selassie said about colour.. and even Marley Quote it: ‘war’
    third: Every human can be rasta!

    I am white, I carry locks, I help my mother, brother sister father, neighbour, uncle, friend, the greater community.. share love not hatred


  38. I wonder if people even read the whole text? In the beginning he makes it clear he’s not talking about the colour of one’s skin, it was just an expression. Of coz loving and caring for others is very important, people should do that even if they didn’t know what rasta is. But by only loving and caring the babylon won’t fall easily. “for greed all nature is too little”. Just look around you. There’s wars and all sorts of bad things that are caused mostly by politics and monetary system. As long as we keep doing this same thing over and over again expecting different results nothing will change. Instead of whining and complaining about things we should find solutions to these problems and make them happen. If you don’t do it, do you think anyone else will? We all want change, but how many are willing to change themselves?

    And the answer to the question the writer asked. Only thing I’ve done is to try make people realize what this system is all about, by spreading the seeds of knowledge I’ve hoped for change but most people don’t want to hear the truth coz it hurts. 🙂 On a smaller scale I jsut help everyone as much as i can. Buy food for poor homeless beggars etc. Just trying to be the change I want to see in the world. Much love <3 revolution will come


    • Just read the Bible.. When you say “Rastafari” you are talking about Christ, so you have to know the Bible.. The talk is cheap and there is a lot of ignorance and racism and discrimination out there…
      What the Bible say about this “white and black” issue???
      I understand GOD NO PARTIAL, you understand the opposite….

    • i think your shift key is broken man, you’re not practicing enough if you’re this angry man

  40. Mi hear your reasoning bredren but I am thinking of all the ‘black’ rastas I know and how they don’t do anything to fight oppression… Your statement may be true, but on a broader sense, I think we as a whole need to do more to fight against oppression. Because I personally know white revolutionaries and black rasta impostas, so your statement is lacking an open mind. To be a RasTa one must find sincere truth in His Majesty being the most high, just as you call a Christian such because he puts his faith in Christ.

  41. What garbage. North London has white and black both representing rastafari. Spreading the message of love. Some take it a long way, spiritual-wise. Others are more about the music and the vibe. Surprise surprise, everyone gets along. Stop making divisions amongst people who’s number 1 priority is love and unity.

  42. i agree there a many white people only smoking spliffs wearing dreadlocks to catch girls , without deep inside Faith , but i must admit it is also the case with many black People . Fight against opressor was not the first and only aim of Rasta … other one is ONENESS … Discriminating mind is the start of any opressing , oppose white and black , yellow or red or green is against the Lord because He created Mankind in every aspect … in so , discriminating is a sin … white man must accept himself , black man must accept himself then they will accept each other … antagonism is a sin and we are rised with this in mind because this is how the opressor is ruling , by dividing us … the “author” of this article must be a total white heart , perfect object of the opressor (opressor has no color), we should pray for his redemption … One Universal Love and Understanding

  43. This article incites hatred for a certain demographic. Sound familiar? Concentrate on the things you love, not the things you don’t understand. And maybe help yourself to a history book before you spout off bullshit hate speech, you fucking clown

  44. The writer is very true, if you white rasta is too good as how you’re trying to say, what have done for real to help black peoples come out from slavely, STOP trying to make we black people to for get what your grandparents did to us, today still you’re coming to AFREEKA and still oppress our people in the name of rastafarae we know very well your mission, and we’re ready now fire burn upon oppressors wolfs

    • the aborigini is oppressed, the native american new guinnea indonesia FIJI big time, but you have become rich fat lazy babylon that forced its way by terror, yes howell through to rev hung were all black supremest drugg cartel extremnest terrorists, go help someone oprressed, stop oppressing and threatening, rasta=bully ,

  45. We could publically do more, yes. I do my own foot work in my personal life. I don’t publicize all my protests and protections. The problem here, for me, I am only rasta where I live, that I know of. There is no central communication to call out the places to organize….. I’d be there if I knew ahead of time… For sure.

  46. It becomes shameful when ignorance is used in the promotion of a cause. The originator of this piece needs to return to the research of Rastarfarian movement and apologize for his ignorance.

  47. Very ignorant point of view.
    Bob Marley was half white, retardo. All he did was fight oppression and protest through song.
    We are blending cultures, we are one love, one blood. Rasta means His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassi I, Ras Tafari Makonnen. Live love, honor your country, honor humanity.

    What about all the asian rastas, mexican rastas, you mad at them for not protesting? What about all the people who claim they are Rasta but say fyah bun batty boy, basically saying kill all the gay people.. Are they helping unite when they say such things? How would Haile Selassie i feel if these words were spoke in HIS presence.

    Until the philosophy which hold one race superior and the other inferior it’s finally and permanently discredited and abandoned, well everywhere is war

  48. Thank you for finally saying what many others have been afraid to say. There is no such thing as a white Rasta, as there is no such thing as a white African. I can respect the individual, but as a race white people are not to be trusted in I n I mansions of Rastafari!

    • no white man has been tortured through slavery and had ignorence brainwashed into them, though most blacks have succeeded and surpass their white counterparts, but you guys are the weak link, unrecoverable,. too badly damaged, its sad, black in america dont want you, african despise you, if you had money islam would welcome , maybe quit religion and heed truth

  49. It dnt matter if u white or black mind u other races sapour rastafarism more then black n we as black are the porns of the world we the only nation that consumes 90% of wht we dnt produce while other rastas teache others to live in the bush not wash work or get n education many rass dnt knw that niyabingi is a sister mo vement it means sister warrious and the word rasta farai also stands for rass massion head massion but there is so litle we knw cuz we blame n hate everything around us coz of our own short comings that need to stop get out frm the bush clean up get a job educate urself be part of society n its only then u can make a difrance plant a seed for the futer sapourt others i never met even a rasta guy that would buy original reagae music jst boot legs whiel all the other races will have endless collections of original reagae cd s n dvd s rasta guys will complaine babylon this n babylon that not knowing that when u do this hate n miss lead u are babylon him self i aprishiate rastas of all colors thats good coz iam nt racist n if u hate then u truly nt a rasta stop miss leading n dipriving urself n ur families of wht need to b done n how we sapouse to live break out of that slave mind set google me kevinnorath like my music on yotube share it GOD bless n help us all

  50. U cant b rasta if u a rasisime that means u are babylon himself to all my mix race rastas keep raising i sapourt u for God s luv is deep google me kevinnorath find me on youtube n like share my music

  51. These white rastas are getting on with there lives instead of bitching about every little thing

  52. Who writes this drivel? Almost totally factually incorrect! RAS is the Ethiopian word for Prince, Rastafarians are followers of Haille Selassie, whose birth name was Tafari Makonnen Woldemikael. As a member of Ethiopian royalty he was known as Ras Tafari, hence his followers became Ras tafrians, or followers of Prince Tafari. DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!

  53. I am a white Rasta have been for awhile Rasta is a being it’s a life thing it’s not dreds or smoking heeps of gunja it’s a worship of life and being in the lifestyle of Jah and being one with Jah and knowing your self I don’t have dreds cause I can not grow them as I am bald yes I smoke herb but not everyday all day I do help the oppressed when I can and my love for Rastas is real jah is great and to the author may be just may be hang with black and white Rastas for a while and get back to basics before you write crap like this JAH IS GREAT and one love to all

  54. So wait, the writer poses an opinion and then gets a hundred comments proving his point by calling him racist, stupid, etc etc, and none of yawl see this? Really? #thatCognitiveDissonanceFlavoredTea

  55. Just another way of puttin’ things into little boxes ! Another Spiritualy confused bwoy lost in Babylon, nevermind brethrens & sistrens !… The power of Love & Education will overcome this comprehensible anger issues !!! Hail H.I.M. !

  56. White supremacy doesn’t allow room for criticism. When confronted, it becomes defensive and claims to be the victim.

    Look at these comments from arse-hurt white people, bit peeved that they are critiqued for adopting black hair-dos without actually having experience of the oppression of black people. They want the “cool” stuff but not the shit that goes with being black in a deeply racist country such as the US and Australia, not wanting to acknowledge what our white ancestors subjected black people to. We white people benefit from white privilege, and the atrocities that went along with establishing it, whether we acknowledge it or not. The truth remains whether you believe it or not.

  57. This article speaks nothing about what truely even makes some one a “RasTa” at the end of the day. I’m not sure if the author is even such to speak about one, because Having faith in Selassie as the almighty God on earth is what makes one a RasTa, no??? And no one can say what truth is or isn’t in someone. Also too say no white RasTa is against this oppressive system is far from the truth and very close minded. Besides the fact that is just a trait of RasTa livity, which should come natural if they look at His Majesty’s teachings and have faith in H.I.M. If this article was written by a RasTa man maybe he should look up some of those teachings.

  58. Its a strange world where calling out posers is for being posers is somehow a bad thing.Dreads are a hair cut ( or lack there of) nothing more unless you individually take and apply higher meaning.
    Who cares about black lives matter. If people were more into fixing thier community and fighting the system in their neighborhoods and with grass roots local politics then we would see changes. Chanting black lives matter just makes you vocal not active. White or black bald or Dred head, do something positive for someone else, open your heart and mind to those suffering and stop supporting oppressive regimes and corporations.

  59. I don’t oppress and I don’t bow to oppression.
    Btw. This was some racist shit to read, mon!
    Dividing people by the color of their skin.
    A better headline would have been: “Dreads and Ganja don’t make you rasta”
    Continued without this black and white bull shit.

  60. I’ll sum this up for you so you don’t have to waste your time: “Troll article that reads like it was written by a 3rd grader”.

  61. First of all, this was one of the most hypocritical articles I’ve seen in a while, secondly it gave no history of Rastafarianism and did not acknowledge that some SOME white people are helping and SOME people of color are not helping. The issue should be looked at on an individual basis ie: who is helping? and who is not? instead of blanket statements claiming that skin color automatically designates meaningful involvement in any given movement. People are people. Some people help and some people don’t. The reasons people help can be based on where they’re from and what they look like, but generalizations are exactly whats wrong with America. That’s what makes people oppressed in the first place, lets not perpetuate it…

  62. This article is spot on. Clearly it struck a nerve with all those fake white Rastas. White folks have been appropriating black culture forever. This is just another example. Thanks for speaking truth. It needed to be said.

  63. I have been doing art work about urban development crushing smaller communities trying to push back the main stream corps and bring back the mom and pop stores. However as a white female I am constantly looked down on and ignored because it’s hard to swallow that my art is about minoroties. (Coming from white men) I would be looked at dofferently if I hard a different skin color and might have more people listening. Anyone can be opressed and anyone can fight. Some people just want the look and don’t actually have a reason to push back.

    Sad to say I can’t even do art work that’s important to me and many others.

  64. this is such a pointless discussion. Are we really sitting here and saying that rasta isn’t a black mans religion. Lol smh white people will do anything to have ownership in everything in this world. Rasta is a movement starting from black suffrage, which teaches the idea against white supremacy and oppression. It also focuses on Marcus Garvey teachings of building a black nation. In an interview with bob Marley l, he himself said that if a rasta had to choose to be either white or black, he better choose black.” White people can study, admire, or even partake in the teachings. But to consider themselves one is just hilarious to me. Smh

  65. you are the reason why people of all colors will be voting for trump. btw, stop fighting for segregation, and start fighting for integration… or listen to some nirvana, you seem like the angsty teen type

  66. I am white, i like dreads, but have no, although my hear is long and strong enough to have some. Maybe one day i get my hair dreaded.
    I am playing percussions in a Reggae Band (Bongos, Bougarabou, Kete, Bells, Flexatone etc…). I am more looking like a Heavy Metal Guy with my Long blond hairs and beard. I am the northern viking type of man.
    But i listen to Reggae Music for about 25 years (i am getting 40 in some weeks).
    What i want to say is that Dreads are nothing special about rastafarianism or affricans or black skinned people. Dreads are multicultural like drumming. When i go to a Reggae concert or festival people often look at me and asking if i am not at the wrong place, because they think i look like for some heavy metal rocker or biker Event. And that although i don’t wear black Shirts or black boots or somethinglike that. i like friendly colored cloth 🙂
    For me it is not important if someone wear dreads or not, if he like reggae or heavy metal or of he “fight” against oppression.
    The message i hear Reggae artists spreading is:
    Be Kind to other people, chant down Babylon peacefully, try to make a change in the mind of people by educated behavior, by beeing hubmle and generous but greedy, do not oppress others with your believings or meanings. I am Aikidoka following the principles of wu wei of daoism too.
    So theres nothing to rule or to Change by effort.
    If you calm down,if you are Patient and find your personal reasonable handling with your surrounding nature and circumstances, like capitalism and might abuse but also humanity and neighbourly help for example, then you are doing all right and “fight” against oppression, chant down Babylon by beeing an exempel, someone who shows an alternative of beeing greedy and irresponsible.

  67. 1,do you know about Ras ta far i?
    2, why are you saying white people ,is there any color for soul and faith ?
    3, every one can be in a day a part of minority.

  68. I am white (well, freckled Scottish and Irish) born and brought up in England; so part of a colonised minority, still under occupation after nearly a millenium, we’ve survived ethnocide, genocide and ongoing exclusion, demonisation and patronisation. I was brought up Catholic and found my faith as Rastafari. I work in human rights and have worked for and with refugees, lgbtqi communities, disabled people, trafficked women, survivors of torture and war; Palestinians, Kurds, Maori, Eritrean, Ethiopian, Roma, all marginalised people to bring about equality and end imperialism…. I will be judged by Jah, peace to I and I

  69. At Demonstrations in munich germany, i only see white Rasta with there heavy Dub Soundsystems dat come to break the walls of babylon. I never see the black brother on the streets against racism, G12 or what ever. But i see much brothers and sisters from all over the world, but no black dreads…

    • they are fake from the beginning, racial and violent from beginning, you are setting the example for them, BOB tried to pacify and teach them from the beginning of his ministry [simmerdown], Bob was godly, he was reggae, but he denied every tenet of rasta, they tried to kill him more than once, religion and pier pressure did it for them

  70. stupidest article i have seen in a very long time
    has the writer based his opninon on what he sees in his own environment? or has he been all over the world to check wether his opinion is the right opinion?

  71. I get it. If I were Black I would side-eye any white person wearing the uniform & claiming the cause, particularly if they leave the reggae concert or smoke session & go home to a life of middle/upper class comfort. Those who think slavery is a thing of the past are also delusional: more Black men are in prison now than were slaves in 1850 (height of slavery). Talking about slavery & racism in the past tense is incredibly short-sighted. It’s totally fair to ask “what are you doing for the rest of us” of white Rastas, but don’t stop there. Encourage everyone to organize & get things done beyond simply voting for one of the 2-party shitheads.

    But also, this reeks of gatekeeping & identity-policing to a degree. Hypocritical Christians do the same thing by trying to dictate who is a ‘true Christian’ & what that should look like. It’s far easier to see the sins of others than to fix those within ourselves. That’s what Rasta & a relationship with God looks like to me: a personal daily walk to improve oneself. Because that’s where true change begins anyway–at the individual level. And we all fall short in some way. Can’t fix the world if you are walking around broken.

  72. Sooo stupid!a person with the opinion,the attitude and life style of a rasta is a rasta….and has nothing to do with the color!and then there is also the fact that some ppl look white and they are not…for instance my daughter!she is snow white…but she is black…she has green eyes and blonde hair and skin like snow!can’t nobody judge noone just from the look!

  73. Well I meet manyyyy Rasta who are looking for white girls so I really don’t understand…. I’m Caribbean not white not black I’m not Rasta but I fait every day against the oppressor here in UK meet so many black Rasta who live with government benefits… Years ago I was interested to be Rasta but I saw the reality I just give up.

  74. That until there no longer
    First class and second class citizens of any nation
    Until the color of a man’s skin
    Is of no more significance than the color of his eyes.

    I see no colour or creed, i see people, lots of beautiful people who walk this earth…

    peace, love and unity

  75. we all came from the black man!in reality we all black!but sum dumb mufu#@$kers feel like it’s a about colour nowadays….no…it’s about heart!and don’t deny someone with her but exempt someone racist!

  76. Black white purple what so ever ! Rasta hair should only people have who are really a Rasta ! Not a fashion Dread ! Or only do Rasta to attract men or Women ! Rasta become a Joke this days ! Real Rastas don’t exist anymore! Cut of your locks , if you don’t be a Rasta !

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