Black women are more beautiful when they don’t try to look white.

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Black women
Black women

Black women waste way too much time and money trying to look like what they are not, especially when they are so beautiful the way they are, naturally.

Black women are probably the most beautiful creation of the most high. Yet, somewhere along the way, they were taught not to see themselves as such. Actually, maybe am not being fair to Black women as Blacks in general refuse to see the true beauty in their Blackness.

If you ask ten Blacks (male or female) who are the most beautiful black women in America, 8 out of 10 would say Beyoncé before they say India Arie; 9 out of 10 would say Halle Berry before they say Tracy Chapman. In most Black people eyes, the more European you look, the more beautiful you are. So beautiful Black women waste billions of dollars on contact lenses, skin bleaching creams hair weaves and extensions, only to look less beautiful than the way God created them.

Who made the rule that long straight hair was more beautiful than short kinky hair? Or that blue eyes were more beautiful than brown eyes, or a light complexion was more beautiful than dark complexion? We have an idea how and when this bogus rule came into existence, but we have more than an idea, in fact, we know for sure that it is a rule that is widely accepted in the Black community.

Like the chicken and the hen, it would be interested to know which came first. Was it the Black man crave for a lighter complexion woman that forced the Black woman to start trying to look Caucasian or Asian? Or was it the Black woman trying so hard to look Caucasian or Asian that made the Black man say, that must be more beautiful. Now the Black man either wants a Black woman with many Europe and / or Asian features or he skips the Black woman all together and goes straight to the Asian or European woman. After all, why settle for the carbon copy if you can have the real thing?

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Most Black men when they make a lot of money, they have three priorities:

1. Buy his mother a nice house.
2. Buy himself a nice car.
3. Get a white girl on his arm.

Of course number one is admirable. Number two is questionable. Number three is, well, none of my business.

Even some Rasta men see more beauty in white women than their beautiful dark sisters. Lauren Hill was good enough to impregnate multiple times, but when it came time for marriage Rohan Marley chose a white woman. His brother Ziggy was not better, although his mother, Rita Marley, is a beautiful Black woman, Ziggy Marley also chose a white wife. This is the norm, rather than the exception when it comes to these so-called Rastas. The claim they follow the teachings of Marcus Garvey, but they must have missed the part where he said:

I shall teach the black man to see beauty in his own kind and stop bleaching his skin and otherwise looking like what he’s not. Back in the days of slavery, Race mixture, Race miscegenation all occurred because the African woman had no protection from the slave master. Therefore there is no need today for Black people themselves to freely continue a practice that smacks so much of slavery.

Now of course Marcus Garvey was saying what needed to be said in his time and some of what he said may sound a bit radical in this time. It does not change the fact however, that there is a mental sickness in the Black community. A sickness where we tell ourselves that we are not good enough or that we need a little European in us makes us better.

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The truth is, from her curves to her swerves, from her smooth dark skin to her chalk white teeth, from her broad hips to her succulent lips, the Black woman is simply God’s most beautiful creation. There is absolutely no reason for her to try and look like women of other ethnicities. It is up to the black men, however, to remind these Black goddesses just how adorable they are when they let themselves be natural, the way God and nature intended.



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  1. I think all black is jealous over white women looks.and they should be. Be they look much better then they and so does every other race of i don’t care if you call sellout because this sellout will never date or marry a black women believe that.

  2. I agree that black women look better when they just go with what God gave them. Most people do, for that matter. I also feel the same about natural fair brunettes with bottle blonde hair and spray tans, and Asians who have surgery to make the eyes more rounded. I wish more people would embrace whatever is natural for them.

  3. I feel that just because a black woman doesn’t have natural hair doesn’t mean that they lack black pride. We know the saying you can’t judge a book by it cover.

  4. Yeah just because they don’t have a natural appearance it could mean that they show blackness in other ways by keeping it in their heart and soul. No I have no problem with the black woman’s natural look but appearance dont always indicate whether the black woman has black pride or not. I’m not trying to create any drama or controversy or be disrespectful I’m presenting the other side of the debate.

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