One white Rasta doing the work of JAH.

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White Rasta
White Rasta

Is there such a thing as a “White Rasta” considering that the essence of the Rasta Movement is to liberate Black people from white oppression?

There were some people who were quick to call us Racists for the article: There is nothing Rasta about White Rastas.

Of course that label couldn’t be further from the truth. Those who label us as racists are so egotistical and disrespectful that they think they have the right to dismiss the principles that Rasta was founded upon by the original founder and replace it with some “one love kumbaya” crap.

Thanks to Jah, we found Rocky Sundquist who has been doing the work of Jah for a very long time. The work that every Rasta should be doing. Here is his story as told by him:

I don’t identify as white, I’m bronze or at most beige in the winter. I don’t call myself a Rastafarian either, since I have tattoos and cut my beard. I recently cut off my dreads to get a job, but I am going to grow them back. Rastafarian is as much a piece of my spiritual beliefs as Buddhism, Animism, or the old pagan gods of Scandinavia, many of which have held dreads to be sacred.

As an activist I helped legalize marijuana in DC, protested against the war in Syria, Iraq, Palestine, and the military dictatorship of Burma/Myanmar. I have also protested the non indictment of George Zimmerman, several other police shootings and murders, the FBI, nuclear weapons, Monsanto, mtn top removal, and Shell just to name names. I marched from Baltimore to DC on the 75 anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr’s s historic march with 12 others. All night, forced march, in the rain. This is just a sample, I’m thinking of several more but it would just take to long to list. Anyway, I have been doing a lot of armchair activism lately, with work and whatnot, but I did protest Columbus Day and the desecration of sacred Hopi lands.

Losing my dreads has caused me to loose my connection to other people who share many of my views, while at the same time, helping to ingratiate myself to those who don’t. I want to reestablish that instant recognition, even at the cost of my newfound freedom from police discrimination. I talk about some of my theories on race in this zine, its a little dated but I’m going to work on it. The only thing that has changed is Shell divesting from most of the things I was blasting them for.

I am not sure how Rocky mixed Rasta and Pagan together but still appreciate the work he has done. Be sure to check out his zine here:

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And all of you who think Rasta is just smoking weed, listening reggae and quoting Marcus Garvey’s “One Love” as Rocky how to get involved in real activism or you can ask us also.



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