Biracial women are leaving Black men for white men.

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Biracial couple: Chritina Milian and her boyfriend
Biracial couple: Chritina Milian and her boyfriend

When Meghan Markle married Prince Harry the celebration in the Black community was overwhelming. It was as if Jesus Christ had returned to take his children to the Promise land. Some Blacks went overboard celebrating the idea of being accepted into royalty. Megan of course is biracial, born to a Black father and a white mother.

Megan marrying Harry is not isolated; however, since the start of the new millennium, biracial women have been turning their backs on Black men and opting instead to marry white men. Not only is this trend true with everyday people but the same behavior is also evident among biracial celebrities like Christina Milian, Leona Lewis and Cassie; just to name a few.

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Maybe this shift is because is the result of another shift we have seen. Back in the days of slavery, biracial women were often the result of the so-called slave master raping the slaves and as a result biracial women saw white men as a symbol of cruelty and wickedness, so therefore turn to Black men when they were seeking love.

Today’s biracial children are often created in a relationship where both parties were free to choose one another and so biracial women no longer look at white men with disdain. So not having this anger toward white men, a lot of biracial women are choosing white partners because they think they offer more financial stability.

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As sad as it might seems; a lot of women think about the complexion their children will be when choosing their partners and often time, lighter is seen as better. The biracial woman is no different than any other women and she too might be thinking of how to get a lighter baby, which could be a contributing factor to the new trend we are now seeing.



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  1. Dumbest ish ever written. Fact: Megan has a white father and a black mother. Check your facts before sitting your trifling a** down writing nonsense.

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