The reasons black men love white women.

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Black men love white women

According to Black men who only date white women the video below depicts exactly why they made that decision.

“Call me sellout, coon or whatever… I love white women,” those are the words of Michael Norvil. Read below as he explains in detail why he prefers White women over Black women.

Why do Black men love White women? It’s obvious. White women don’t give us a hard time, they want us in control (not manipulate, but be the leader) of the relationship and most importantly; they don’t talk TOO damn much. It’s beyond their skin color, their nature entice us Brothas.

I love all ( Black, White, Brown, Yellow & Red) women, but I do have my preference.

Do I love white women? You damn right and I say it with pride. If it ain’t snowing, I ain’t going. Believe that!

Call me sell out, coon or whatever. Truth is, I appreciate the way God created me. He made me Black and I’m content with that. Loving women of European descent doesn’t mean self-hate. If you don’t believe me, ask Frederick Douglass.



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