Learn Patwa: For white women seeking Black men but mainly Jamaican men (part 2).

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Successful Black man dates white women
Successful Black man dates white women

The Facebook group for white women who are seeking Black men for relationships but mainly Jamaican men has released their second video in their “Learn Patwa” series.

The group that claims they are mainly interested in Jamaican men not only for flings but for long term relationships that can lead to marriage and raising a family has started using reggae music to teach their members patois and Jamaican culture.

The group believes that if the woman can speak the Jamaican dialect and have a better understanding of the Jamaican culture then that will increase the chance of having a great relationship once they meet their Jamaican men.

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The group has started making music videos of popular reggae songs so that as the song is playing members can read the lyrics and follow along. They believe that with this method members will learn to talk like a Jamaican in no time.

In the second learning patwa installment the group is using the song “Call from God” by Jango Fresh.

If you missed part 1 of the learning patwa installment, you can check it out here.

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