Jamaica welcomes The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

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Real Housewives of New Jersey arrive in Jamaica
Real Housewives of New Jersey arrive in Jamaica

The Real Housewives of New Jersey are currently in Jamaica filming season 10 of the reality show. The housewives were spotted at the luxurious Jewel hotel in Runaway Bay, St. Anne, Jamaica.

Teresa Giudice was spotted pushing her suitcase with her left a hand while simultaneously holding a drink and a rose in her right. One of the hotel maids was heard shouting “Teresa, you are my favorite” to which Giudice responded “our beds look gorgeous.

So far the cast has only been seen filming in and around the all-inclusive resort. It is not known if they will eventually venture out into the real Jamaica either on camera or off. One thing is for sure, if they leave the resort off camera, chances are they will be getting some Jamaican Mandingos before heading back to their husband in New Jersey.

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Teresa may be hungrier for a Jamaican man than the rest of the housewives as her husband is locked up in a Correctional Facility in Pennsylvania as he appeals a ruling that he is to be deported back to Italy.

Bravo did not say how many episodes will be filmed in Jamaica or how long they are staying on the island; they only billed it as the cast’s first trip of the season.

The ladies are fun to have in Jamaica, however, as the men are horny, the liquor on the resorts are all you can drink and marijuana is decriminalized and of the highest quality.

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