Did Reggae Star Mavado Smoke Crack?


Julian Jones-Griffith the former manager of dancehall reggae singjay Mavado published a post on his blog entitled “The pitfalls of Managing and Artist with an unhealthy appetite for crack.”

At one point Jones-Griffith was the manager for the entire Bounty Killer lead “Alliance”. So it is not easy to figure out exactly which artist Jones-Griffith is talking about. Reggae fans are relying on certain hints sprinkled throughout the article and many has decided that Griffith-Jones is referring to Mavado. One hint, is that the artist is capable of fulling a venue with a capacity of 2,000 fans. Although Alliance artists like Busy Signal and Bounty Killer are capable of such a feat, other hints point to Mavado only.

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In the post Griffith-Jones states that:

… but tonight I couldn’t think about cracking this crackhead’s head; I had to figure out how I was going to lure him out of that bedeviled chicken coop and get him on stage performing for 2,000 people in the next 45 minutes. And the venue was 2 hours away.

Many see the “bedeviled chicken coup” as referring to the gully and as we all know, Mavado is the “gully god”.

Fans further joked that Mavado’s hit song “I am on the rock” which was also sampled by rapper Jay-Z is an admittance to Mavado’s crack use.

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