Vybz Kartel should not be blamed for Jamaica’s ills.

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Vybz Kartel
Vybz Kartel

By: Clive Redda Deslandes

The following editorial is in response to the article entitled “Before Vybz Kartel allegedly killed “Lizard” he killed the self-esteem of many Black people.

As much as I am upset with Vybz Kartel and his promotion of the skin bleaching of himself and influencing others to do the same with his product cake soap, what we must understand the bleaching was going on way before Kartel even mentioned it on a record or before bleaching himself.

The fools who followed his ways are just fools themselves as Vybz Kartel didn’t beat anybody into bleaching their skin. Ii for one am a big Kartel fan and I didn’t rush to the chemist to buy bleaching cream because Kartel was doing so.

When Vybz Kartel said “mi nah wear red, mi nah wear green, mi nah wear beige, Gaza mi she,” the politicians were not too happy about that as it helped to stop the political divide and the killing of one another over politics as it was Gaza or Gully not PNP or JLP.

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When asked if he saw himself as an influence to children, Kartel quite rightly said, “no and if you as a parent are looking to me to be an influence on your child you have failed as a parent.” This also gave others reason to hate him and when asked if he believed in God he said. “no but I lean more to the Rasta Levity which is a way of life”, the churches, the biggest business in Jamaica was also upset about this as they knew the influence Kartel had on people.

What Vybz Kartel put in his songs were what he had experienced himself personally because like it or not Jamaica is violent place. However, to say Kartel Lyrics was to blame for what was going on in Jamaica is wrong because Beenie Man and Bounty Killer were both responsible for bringing gangster lyrics into dancehall and they are both seen as icons in the business today.

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Yes, Kartel was wrong for what he did to his skin but to blame him for everything that is wrong in Jamaica, I don’t agree, blame the churches and the politicians who both had their agendas and didn’t care about what the end result would be as long as their pockets were filled.



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  1. Finally someone with common sense. To blame Vybz for Jamaica’s ills would be like blaming Bob Marley for why so many Rastas deal with white women. 🥴

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