Usain Bolt and Sean Paul: The tale of two Jamaica.

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usain bolt and sean paul
usain bolt and sean paul

The Jamaican motto is “Out of many one people” and the phrase “One Love” coined by Marcus Garvey and sung by Bob Marley is still popular on the island today. Jamaica being a place of oneness, unity, love and respect for all regardless of ethnicity and what part of the island you live in, couldn’t be farthest from the truth.

There is an uptown Jamaica and a downtown Jamaica. The two are vastly different. Uptown Jamaica is a place of the haves where the houses and mansions rival those in Beverley Hills or on MTV cribs. The motor vehicles are the top of the line foreign imports. Whether from Germany, united States or Japan, the best of the best in motor vehicles are in Jamaica and abundantly in uptown.

Downtown Jamaica is where the have nots call home. Downton is the ghetto where poverty is rampant and hope is dim.

So what happens when a person from downtown makes it uptown?

Well, if you are Usain Bolt who has done so much for Jamaica, you will be welcomed for the most part. Unless of course you bring too many of your downtown friends with you.

So when a man like Usain Bolt who was born downtown, becomes neighbor with Sean Paul who was born uptown, two worlds collide and there is bound to be some conflict.

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This conflict with the two Jamaicas was kept on the hush until recently when the wife of Sean Paul came public with her disgust in Usain Bolt being her neighbor.

Jodi Stewart-Henriques, also called Jinx, has come out blasting the Olympian on social media.

On Monday, a resident of Norbrook (an upscale Jamaican community) posted on Facebook that the bike riders in the area were inconsiderate, to which Jinx promptly replied that the blame should be placed squarely on Bolt and his brother.

“Between the bikes, loud, horrible music, parties and screams, I honestly wish he would go back to where he came from. He’s a horrible neighbour. I cannot wait to move,” Jinx posted.

She added that she has sought help from the police, but that none have intervened because ‘it’s Usain Bolt’.

“So unfair and disrespectful. I’ve honestly lost all respect for him. He takes his nasty behaviour with him everywhere. So many people love him and he’s such a poor example of how to behave. I honestly can’t blame the set of uptown people that have him as poppy show in parties or on their boat. He’s the ultimate party clown,” an obviously fed-up Jinx stated.
But these comments did not go down well with fans of the athlete. One Facebook user posted that after doing his research, it was revealed that Usain Bolt was not the culprit on that particular day.

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The young man also blasted her for her “bad behaviour and boorish attitude” for accusing Usain Bolt.

“Usain Bolt cannot respond to your allegations and since he is not guilty of what you are accusing him of in this instance, you ought to apologise and remove your comments at the very least,” he told Jinx.

She follows up with a more scathing remark.

“Remove my comments or apologise for what? That last night it wasn’t him. I only assumed it was him because that is the type of behaviour we have come to expect from him. Stop being a groupie.”

So exactly what does it mean when a Jamaican tells another Jamaican to go back where they came from? Where does she wants Usain Bolt to go? The statement is classism and elitism at it finest. Usain Bolt is a millionaire though, so this classism in not based on money. What could it be based on then? That is a question for the two Jamaicans to answer.

Money is not the only thing that separates downtown Jamaica from uptown Jamaica. What are the other factors?



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  1. Race and education. Uptown: usually white or mixed race and educated at aisk/hillel and went abroad for university or uwi. Downtown: mostly blacks with a few indians in other words coolies who are considered uneducated,violent,rude/lewd etc.

  2. Usain Bolt was not born “downtown” so the entire premise of your article is wrong. Not that I read beyond that particular lie to find out whats in the rest of the article. Its such a major turn off when a writer gets things so wrong.

    Wheel and come again.

    • You are playing smart and not being clever. The entire Jamaica know that Usain Bolt was born in Trelawny. In other words him a country man. Downtown and Uptown was used in this article to represent the rich and the poor. Usain Bolt was born in the poor class, his speed allowed him to become rich and able to live among the rich, uptown.

      Being dunce is one thing… being dunce and thinking you are so smart is distasteful. Likkle uptown batty bwoy, wi soon come up deh fi some a unuh.

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