How Reggae Gold 2020 predicted the events of 2020.

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18 Karat Reggae Gold 2021 : ONENESS
18 Karat Reggae Gold 2021 : ONENESS
Are they finally realizing that Black Lives Matter?
Are they finally realizing that Black Lives Matter?

The Reggae Gold 2020 album cover might seem violent to some. It is an image of King David hoisting the head of Goliath in the air as he stands over the giant’s dead body. It is a stark reminder of what we are currently seeing in the United States and around the world as oppressed people standing up to the oppressors, demanding equal rights and justice and having confidence in the victory of good over evil.

There is an old cliché that says “you can’t judge a book by the over” so it would be silly to just look at the album cover of Reggae Gold 2020 and believe you know what the album is about. However, when you listen to songs like “Fallen fighter” by Fitzroy Face, “Smile for a while” by Rasta Progrez and “Jah is watching” by Cane Juice, there is no mistaking what the album is about. Not only does the listener understands what the album is about but they can clearly see how it ties in police brutality and the fight to put an end to the brutality.

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In Fallen Fighters, Fitzroy Face sings:

Rise up fallen fighters
Rise up and take your stance
Rise up fallen fighters
We need you; we need you to be strong

They aim to shoot us with their guns
Saying you’re a criminal so won’t you run
Aiming to shoot you in the back
For different reasons at different spots
Indigenous to the political soul
We are attack for the rewards of fools’ gold
But no water can out this coal
It’s burning out of control

In Smile for a while, Rasta Progrez echoes the same sentiments as Fitzroy Face even if it is a softer and gentler tone:

Through the years that we have been ignored
Whiff though the suffering coming in from the cold
Our heroes they have been so bold
Countless stories forever been told
Their memories still live in our hearts
Soothing our minds and comforting our thoughts
One day I know I’ll be free
Parade in the rose like the sweet honey bee

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Won’t you smile?
Only for a while
Say won’t you smile
Only for a while

In “Jah is watching” by Cane Juice, the title speaks for itself. For all the corrupted police who find great joy in murdering innocent Black men, they should understand that not only is Jah watching but someone is videoing.

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