Shenseea uses a Dennis Brown hook to troll fans in her song, Run Run.

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Shenseea and Dennis Brown
Shenseea and Dennis Brown

People like to talk and Shenseea wants to make sure she gives them something to talk about. 

Before her newly released single “Run Run”, there were unfounded allegations that Shenseea might be too close for comfort to the Illuminati. Well forget allegations, the dancehall diva is using the video to her new song to drop actual Illuminati hints, at least enough to keep tongues wagging. 

The strange thing is, the hook to the Blessed singer’s song is borrowed from Dennis Brown’s “Run Too Tuff” and that song is as anti-Illuminati as any song can get.

The fact that Shenseea listens to Dennis Brown’s music and specifically that song to the point that she would use the hook in her own song, is proof that she fully understands that all man has is his soul.

So while fans are complaining of demonic, satanic and selling of soul symbols in Shenseea’s video, maybe they should pay more attention to the lyrics inthe Dennis Brown’s song..

“Man take it easy upon yourself

Man don’t be greedy, watch your steps

You are making a fool of yourself

And you really think you are at your best

But birds fly too fast always miss their nest

And if you are gonna jump too high, you are bound to slip one day

So if you gonna run run run, run too tuff you gonna tumble down” – Dennis Brown.

No one would study the above lyrics, which Shenseea clearly did and then run to the Illuminati.  The symbolism in the video was done deliberately to troll fans and get them talking.. She clearly understands that the only thing that sells more than sex is religion and religious controversy. So mix sex with demons and devils and you have a sure hit.

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Shenseea should also be commended for honoring Dennis Brown who is definitely one of the greatest voices to ever come out of Jamaica.  Because of Run Run, fans will be introduced to Run Too Tuff, which will peak their interest to want to listen to even more of Dennis Brown’s music.

Hopefully fans will soon start to talk less about the symbolisms in Shenseea’s video and talk more about the homage she pays to Dennis Brown in her song.  It is up to new and young reggae artists to make sure the late veterans never die and the dancehall diva did her part to ensure the crown prince of reggae lives on.

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