Shenseea gets a taste of Black hate.

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In the 1990s, the Geto Boys released a song called “Niggas and Flies” where Willie D rapped the following line: “Nigga get on top and niggas hate it, because niggas can’t stand to see another nigga make it.” Now in the midst of mourning the death of her mother, Shenseea is getting a feel of what Willie D meant in the above rap.

While most of Shenseea’s fans and fellow artists were sending her condolences and well wishes, a few of them got to gossiping and accusing the dancehall diva as offering her mother up as a personal sacrifice.

This kind of jealousy and hatred toward successful Black people from other Black is nothing new. It was real when Geto Boys did the song and it is just as real today. Kanye West had to deal with the same foolishness when he lost his mother. Jennifer Hudson dealt with it when she lost her mother and younger brother. Numerous other Black celebrities have had to deal with it also.

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It is troubling because when people have other ethnicity reach a high level of success, they are embraced within their respected communities and their talent, drive and hard work is applauded. However, in the Black community a high level of success is always greeted as “soul selling” whether it is Oprah, Jay Z or Beyoncé.

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Sometimes it can seem like it is in Black people DNA to hate other Black people.

On her Instagram Live Shenseea made it clear that although she is not letting the foolish comments bother her, she believes the people making them are very sick.

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“Mi neeven fi get worked up over that, but mi need unu fi know say as well that I really can find you, all who weh a talk say me sacrifice my mother, unu sick. Sick, sick, sick, sick,” Shenseea said on her Instagram Live.

As 2020 rolls on and the Black Lives Matter movement gains steam it would behoove Black people to learn Black love. The most important thing the Black community can do right now is to stop killing and tearing down each other and learn up to love and build up each other instead.



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