Tommy Lee Sparta to remain under police radar after being released.

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Tommy Lee Sparta
Tommy Lee Sparta

Tommy Lee Sparta was released from police lockup yesterday after being jailed for over a month with any charges being filed against him.

However, a commanding officer of the St. James police division says that Lee would be monitored.

“There are plans in place to monitor him because we have done our due diligence to collect addresses, next of kin and telephone numbers, we have gone through a whole process,” he told 18 Karat Reggae. ‘We refer to him as a violence influencer and so we have to pay attention to him.”

All SOE divisions are communicating with each other, so even if Tommy Lee leaves Montego and goes to Kingston, he could still be tracked by the SOE division in that parish.

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SOEs give authority to security forces to detain suspicious persons, enter premises and seize properties without warrants.

The SOEs were rolled out by the Government in nine police divisions. Once arrested under an SOE, persons could be detained for up to 90 days without being charged.

Commanding Officer of Kingston Eastern, Superintendent Victor Hamilton, said it would not be a challenge for his division to keep track of those considered violence influencers.

“These are persons who were already known to the police, so to monitor them will not be a problem. They were always on the radar,” he said.

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Commanding officer of the Westmoreland Police Division, Superintendent Robert Gordon, said he is focused on protecting the communities to which the violence influencers would be returning.

“These are persons we believe to be in criminal activities so we will continue to monitor those places that we know they operate in to ensure there is no uptick in crime and violence,” he said. “Our presence also serves as some level of reassurance for the wider community.”



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