Gully Bop destroyed Amari’s life.

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Gully Bop and Amari
Gully Bop and Amari

Every woman needs a man but when it comes to some men, it is better if a woman stays single than get with them. These are the men who will get in a relationship with a woman and make the woman’s life worse off than it was before she met in him. In some cases, he destroys the woman’s life completely. The is a name for man like these and the name is “Neko”.

According to controversial artiste, Amari, Gully Bop is a “Neko”. But like a typical low self-esteem having woman, she still loves him anyway and wants him back.

Amari’s has taken the ariwaces by storm and has everyone singing “Neko yuh mash up mi life” from her song “Neko” but no one knew who she was talking about until she revealed it this week, that the culprit is none other than Gully Bop. Yes, it is Gully Bop who mashed up Amari’s life and left her broke and homeless.

A’mari said that she wrote the song shortly after their tumultuous relationship ended in 2016.

“Things were so horrific between us that I didn’t want to use his name because just the mention of his name would start an argument online. There were no words to describe my pain than ‘Yuh mash up mi life’. When I saw what I became, including being homeless and living in a shelter, those were just the words that came into my mind,” she said.

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In late 2014, Gully Bop rose to fame after a video of him freestyling went viral. By 2015, he had secured work permits for the US, UK and several Caribbean islands.

He then proved to be quite the ladies’ man, and A’mari was among his companions.

But A’mari said that although the song Neko take jabs at Gully Bop, he is still the love of her life despite persons telling her to move on.

“Persons became frustrated with me calling Gully Bop name all the time and was encouraging me to move on with my life so I used the name ‘Neko’. I, however, needed time to heal and the song was just my way to cry out for Gully Bop without persons knowing who I was speaking about,” she said.

She stressed that she genuinely loves Gully Bop, which saw her investing approximately US$35,000 in his career and personal life. She believes that at times she was taken for granted.

“He is a good person and we were really a team but he just had too many people in his ears. I was his manager but I was cut out of a lot of things. Persons told a lot of lies on me and did their best at turning his mind away from me,” A’mari said. A’mari said that she is still in love with Gully Bop and still believes that he is a beautiful soul.

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“He is one that always reach out to persons who are suffering from poverty. He is one that will never allow a baby to go without milk and he loves animals. I love to give and he loves to give and it makes us feel good,” she said. Her voice cracked as she spoke about becoming depressed from the constant bullying on social media.

“There was this one time when they had a funeral for me online. They buried me and persons called in and say ‘ashes to ashes’. I never knew that persons could be so gruesome. No matter what I did, no one, especially women, had any compassion for me. Another time they took a head shot of me and put it on the body of a gorilla and it made rounds on social media. That was one of the reason that I did a bariatric surgery where I lost over 70 pounds,” she said. A’mari apologised to Gully Bop for how she handled certain things.

“The only time I was ever really happy was when I was with you . When I step out, I still feel like I still represent you and I pray for the day when we are back together. Gully Bop is a legend and your name lives on forever and I am your lucky charm,” she said.



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