How to make sure you are getting good Marijuana.

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Weed girl
Weed girl

With Marijuana being legalized in numerous places and decriminalized in others, more people are looking to get high. A majority of people will be smoking marijuana but only a small minority will actually plant and grow the herb. That means most weed smokers will be purchasing their weed. There are no Government agencies like the FDA and USDA to make sure only good and safe weed gets distributed for public consumption.

The ideal way to purchase weed is to visit a farm and buy fresh weed, then dry and cure it yourself just like the people in the video below are preparing to do.

The truth is, however, most of us will never get a chance to visit a weed farm, much less purchase fresh weed from said farm. So whether you are in a coffee shop in Amsterdam, A marijuana dispenser in Colorado or on a street corner in New York City, here are some tips to help you get the highest quality weed whenever or wherever you are making a purchase:

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1. Make sure the buds are NOT flat.

2. Look for plenty of hairs and/or plenty of crystals. The more the better.

3. Check the colors. The crystals should be clearish, milky, or tanish. The buds should be either a nice dark green or a lime green, NEVER NEVER brown. Colors like purple, red and orange are great. Purple means the weed have very high THC strains.

4. Check for freshness. The smell test is a very good freshness test. The stronger the smell of the weed, the fresher it is. Another way to test for freshness is to pinch and twist the bud completely around. If after twisting it does not fall off, most likely it is fresh. If it falls off, move on.

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5. Make sure the bud is dense and hard. Massage the bud, the stickier your fingers are after massaging it, the better the weed is.

6. NEVER buy weed with a lot of seeds. In fact, you want no seeds at all. If there are a little bit of seeds in the weed, get rid of them before building your splif.

7. Last but not least, the best weed test is actually smoking the weed. You should get a natural high, where you feel one with yourself, nature and Jah; a true trinity if you will. Any other feeling after smoking the weed is uncivilized and you should probably find a new weed dealer.



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