Shenseea looks to redeem herself from her “blessed” p#$$y disaster.

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The last time Shenseea shared the stage with international superstars, her micro performance was dismal and disastrous. The Jamaican diva got the chance to briefly appear on stage with 50 Cent and Trey Songz but the only thing people remember about that fiasco is her uttering “my pussy is blessed”, a comment that set women back about 100 years, dog years.

You are making a fool of yourself and you really think you are at your best.” – Dennis Brown (Run Too Tuff).

Tonight the dancehall princess will get a chance to redeem herself when she performs on the Ciroc stage at the Rolling Loud Miami festival.

Shenseea owes it to her fans, dancehall fans all over the world and every woman on earth, to put on a great performance.  It’s a very heavy load for a young lady to carry but that’s how real stars are born.  You cannot rise to the heights of Rihanna, Beyonce or Nicki Minaj if your stage performance is forgettable like Vybz Kartel’s.

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In the last month or so Shenseea has either withered under pressure or just totally disappeared, so hopefully that will not be the case tonight.  

Although the Jamaican princess likes to play up her loyalty, she showed absolutely none when she refrained from coming to the aid of her then manager after he was disrespected by her nemesis, Spice.

The funny thing is, Spice totally set herself up when she referred to Romeich, Shenseea’s manager at the time, as the “Big Belly Man”.  All Shenseea had to do was one simple response in the form of a question; “Hey Spice, Romeich got his big belly from the good Jamaican food, where did you get your big batty from?”  That’s all she had to do then drop the mic and carry on with her business, however, she failed to rise to the occasion.

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Tonight is the perfect opportunity for Shenseea to rise and Shine as big names like 21 Savage, Lil Baby and Lil Yachty are just a few of the international stars that will be performing at the festival. 

If the Jamaican diva can put on a knockout performance, it could be the beginning of her accent to international stardom.




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