If Vybz Kartel embraced his Blackness he would be a free man today.

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Vybz Kartel, Capleton and their attorneys
Vybz Kartel, Capleton and their attorneys

Whether it is the bleaching of his Black skin, releasing a deluge of lyrics about gunning down Black men or promoting the myth that “Jewish” lawyers were better than their Black counterparts, Vybz Kartel proved over and over that he does not embrace his Blackness.

If Vybz Kartel was wrongfully accused of murder like most of his fans believe he was or if there was simply not enough evidence to convict him like a lot of people believe, then judging from this week’s events, Kartel’s hatred of his Blackness is the main reason he now serving a life sentence in prison.

Earlier this week, Capleton who had a fraudulent rape charge laid against him had all the charges dropped after his attorney was able to convince a judge that the evidence in the case was so weak that it was not even worth going to trial.

So obviously Capleton had a great lawyer. A great lawyer who happens to be Black. It stands to reason that when Capleton was looking for a lawyer, his criteria was to find himself a great lawyer and with Jamaica being over 99% Black, he ended up with a Black one.

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Vybz Kartel on the other hand, when he needed a lawyer to defend him in his murder case, he went looking for a “Jewish” lawyer. How do we know this? Well before he was facing the murder charge, he had already made a song promoting the nonsensical stereotype that Jewish lawyers were better than Black lawyers.

“Any guy dis get gunshot through his tripe. Mi lawyer a di Jewish type,” Vybz Kartel sung years before being charged for killing Clive “Lizard” Williams.

So it stands to reason that it was not a coincident when Vybz Kartel ended up with Jewish attorneys. In his bleached out mind, if it is not Black, it must be good. A grown man thinking like that in the 21st century is a very bad thing but what is even worse is when that man has a platform and uses the platform to spew that foolishness to his sheep.

In the end, what did Vybz Kartel “Jewish type” attorney get him? A life sentence, that’s what. On the other hand, Capleton’s Black attorney won him is freedom without even have to waste a lot of money on a lengthy trial.

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Hopefully Blacks in Jamaican and all over the world are looking at the tale of these two deejays, Vybz Kartel and Capleton. This is a poignant teaching moment; Blacks are as great at their craft as any other ethnicity and just because someone is white, does not automatically mean they are great at their craft. Marcus Garvey is somewhere smiling and saying, “I told you all this almost a century ago.”

Just for kicks, Capleton should do a song where the hook goes something like this: No gal caan fraudulently charge mi fi rape. Mi lawyer is Black and great.

And a message to Munga Honorebel, if your lawyer in your upcoming murder trial is the “Jewish type” and that was the only criteria you use to hire your lawyer, go have a talk with your mentor, King Shango.



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