Does Vybz Kartel Hates His Gaza Fans?

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Vybz Kartel
Vybz Kartel

Vybz Kartel’s fans love him with their hearts, minds, bodies and souls but it seems like he hates them. The problem is, Gaza fans are too stupid to realize that what Kartel is giving them is downright hatred disguised as love.

As if encouraging Black people to bleach their skin and murder each other was not enough, it seems Vybz Kartel is now trying to convince Black people that prison is a great place to be.

In an attempt to show how great life in prison can be the Gaza don posted a photo with the following caption: “DEM A WONDER HOW MI DO DIS….BUT AS MI LOCKS GET LONGER HEATHEN HEART IT A TWIST.”

Exactly who is the heathen whose heart is twisting? Maybe Lisa Hanna. Maybe those who love Jamaicans and Blacks in general, hearts are hurting, but not twisting. Maybe their hearts are hurting from seeing a man with such power continue to lead the people astray.

How can you claim to love your fans and then try to have them believe that prison life is something great? Love doesn’t lie. How can you brag on the people you claim to love about how life behind bars is just great? Love isn’t boastful.

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If Vybz Kartel really love Gaza fans he would try his best to encourage them not to make the same mistake he has made. He would be a constant reminder of how prison is the last place anyone would want to be. Who wants to trade their freedom for a life behind bars? In an Onstage interview before his incarceration, Vybz Kartel stated that his fans were like sheep and he knows exactly how to have them do whatever he wants. If that is the case, Vybz Kartel should have them not wanting to go to prison under any circumstances but he does not love them, he hates them with a passion. In fact, it is safe to say that Kartel hates Gaza fans as much as he hates his own Black skin.

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It’s ironic that the former world boss is posting a picture of him sitting in front of a zinc fence while quoting the great Sizzla Kalonji. When you think of zinc fence, you think of Chronixx. So maybe Kartel wants us to think of him being on the same level as Chronixx and Sizzla. Unfortunately that could not be further from the truth. Chronixx and Sizzla’s music inspire and uplift while Kartel’s music degrade and destroy.

Kartel might have enough money to pay off the warders so he can make it appear that prison life is great. Our young youths who are inspired by him will not afford to pay off the warders like Kartel however.

So gullible Gaza people, if Kartel have you thinking that prison life is nice, don’t believe the hype.



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  1. Is Tommy Lee making it more difficult for Vybz Kartel to win his appeal?

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