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Dizzle Vybz Ras
Dizzle Vybz Ras

Kendale Johnson, better known as Dizzle Vybz Ras (D.V.R), has made a name for himself in the reggae, dancehall, and pop music industry. Born to Sonia Lettman in St. Elizabeth Jamaica on February 3, 1985, D.V.R has always had a connection to music. Before D.V.R. found his place in the music industry, Sonia Lettman uprooted her family from St. Elizabeth, and moved to Drewsland, Kingston in hopes of providing a life filled with better opportunities for her children.

While living in Kingston, D.V.R. attended St. Michael and Drews Avenue Primary schools, as well as The Priory High School. D.V.R began exploring his passion for music while attending Drews Primary School. It was there that he first learned to play the Congo drums and was introduced to a performing arts company. Within days, he was selected to lead the company as a Congo/djembe drum player.

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As though it was his destiny, through his membership in the performing arts company, D.V.R. had the opportunity to network with and befriend other talented artist. Through this, the band Zinc Fence was created. D.V.R took the role as the band’s lead percussionist.

In 2007, the Zinc Fence Band went their separate ways, and D.V.R. found a new home in 5th Element Band, where he continued to explore his passion for percussion. While a member of 5th Element, D.V.R. was honored to play for artist such as Richie Spice, Etana Anthony Cruz, Chuck Fenda, and Spanner Banner. His most memorable moments as a member of 5th Element include playing for artists Jah Cure and The Marley Brothers.

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In 2010, D.V.R. made a bold decision, to leave all that he knew behind, and to migrate to the United States to expand his career and to build a family. He continues his music career to this day. Some of his most recent creations include songs “Paradise” and “One Day.”



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