Vybz Kartel starts a church in prison.

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Vybz Kartel and Tommy Lee
Vybz Kartel and Tommy Lee

Vybz Kartel is no longer the teacher, he is now the preacher. Words reaching 18 Karat Reggae is that the king of dancehall has started a church in prison where Tommy Lee Sparta and Shawn Storm are both deacons.

The church will begin to meet at 9AM this Saturday and all Saturdays after for a two hour service, however, the members are required to start observing the Sabbath from sunset on Friday evenings to Sunset on Saturday evenings.

According to a warder at the prison, there are also plans in place where Ninjaman will be transported to the prison housing Kartel where he will act as the visiting preacher. Ninjaman is no stranger to the church as he was baptized and changed his name to brother Ballentine some years back before reverting to Ninjaman.

Prisoners who join Kartel’s church will be required to abstain from the eating of pork and other red meat although they will be allowed to consume poultry and fish.

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A fellow prisoner told 18 Karat Reggae that Kartel became more interested in being a preacher over a teacher because as a teacher your students graduate from your class or school but in church they never graduate even though they only have one book.

“Kartel is an intelligent man, so he figured out that he can keep his sheep for longer if he is a preacher than he can if he is a teacher,” the prisoner said.

“You go to primary school and go through plenty of books then you graduate. You then go to high school and go through plenty of books then you graduate and move one. Then you go to college and go through plenty more books and graduate. However in church, you have one book which is the bible and you read that one book from before you were in primary school and until after you graduate college but you never finish that one book and you never graduate church. That is what Kartel figured out that many people have not, The man is a genius. So no more teacher, strictly preacher,” the prisoner said.

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The church members will also be required to pay a 10 percent tithe and offering. The tithe will be from any monies they receive from the outside and offering is whatever other good they received such as food and weed.



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