Marley Naturals: Who is Rasta, who is Pirate?

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Marley Naturals: Rasta and Pirate
Marley Naturals: Rasta and Pirate

The Marleys don’t listen to Peter Tosh’s music or they did not take the Stepping Razor seriously when he sang, “You can’t fool the youths, no you can’t fool the youths.” The Marleys tried to pull a fast one on today’s youths when they joined forces with Privateer Holdings to create Marley Naturals.

Anyone who know who the Privateers were, know that they were people who Rasta would want absolutely nothing to do with. If you have no idea who the privateers were, this might help you to get an understanding of who they were; Henry Morgan was the most famous privateer of all time. Yes, the same Henry Morgan that Peter Tosh was talking about when he said, “You tell the youths about the pirate Morgan and you said it was a very great man.”

So why would the Marleys allow Bob Marley’s name and image to be associated with something that is so anti-Rasta to market a product that is so sacred to Rasta? Is it money driven? Or could it be there way of spitting in the face of real Rasta’s and real freedom fighters? You could imagine the laughter in the corporate office of Private Holdings as they laughed and ridiculed Rasta after getting the Marleys to sign a partnership to market marijuana and marijuana products using Bob’s image. Just imagine the CEO telling the vice-presidents, “Everyone has their price, even Rasta.”

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It is very difficult to think of a Rasta endorsing a Privateer and not thinking of following excerpt from the poem Christopher Columbus by Mutabaruka:

500 years of your blood sweat and tears
Now you celebrate
Recreate your death
Let the glasses touch with the blood of your fathers and mothers
Give a toast
Host my arrival
Your dying, my survival
The land is still mine
The pope is still the divine
Yes, drink your own blood call it wine
Nothing in the pages of my history will blot out your misery
You shall celebrate my victory
Your children praise me
I am their only history
I died but you made me life
Give me the sea once more let me discover you again
My fathers’ sons rule fool
You celebrate my coming
I will not go not from your mind restore me for all to see
Keepers of life
Shepherds of my people, lead them to the altar of lies
Your ancestors’ cries will not be heard
Word after word
Pages of history written
The victims are once more bitten
1492 to you the beginning of western world democracy
1492 to me the beginning of white supremacy

The ship on the Privateer Holdings’ logo is the same ship Bob Marley sung about:

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“Old pirates yes them rob I
Sold I to the merchant ship”

Well, maybe that’s the reason the partnership was formed. It is the Marleys way of getting back was robbed from Bob after he was taken from the bottomless pit.
One thing is for sure; however, the Marleys deal with Privateer Holdings had muddied the water to where it is almost impossible to tell who is a pirate from who is Rasta. Maybe that was always the case when you consider the fact that Aston Barrett is currently not getting a penny from any of the songs he and his brother recorded with Bob Marley. The biggest irony of it all is, the Barrett brothers played on every song, on every album, except for the acoustic version of Redemption Song. “Old pirates, yes them rob I.”



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  1. They are about capitalism and earning the next dollar. It’s sad to see how everything is so diluted and fake. Smh

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  1. The Marley brothers are now the Marijuana brothers.

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