Show me a Donald Trump supporter and I will show you a bigot.

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Donald Trump's supporter waving his KKK flag.
Donald Trump's supporter waving his KKK flag.

If you watched the Republican National Convention (RNC), often times you would feel like you were listening to a KKK Convention, especially when Donald Trump was speaking. In fact, Donald Trump is the equivalent of the grand wizard.

Trump stood up with a straight face and talked about how law enforcement officers should be protected but never once did he mention that innocent Black men do not deserve to die at the hands of law enforcement. In his eyes it is perfectly fine for law enforcement officers to use excessive force when dealing with Blacks and Latinos and his followers are in full agreement with him. How can a man who wants to be the president of the United States be so oblivious to what is happening in the country? Did he not see in North Miami where a Black man was laying on his back with both hands in the air got shot by a police officer? Did he not hear about how another police officer lied to cover up the incident? He had to have seen or read the news; so either he can’t comprehend what is happening in the country or he just doesn’t care. The truth is, a man as successful as Trump, regardless of his numerous bankruptcy filings, is quite competent to fully grasp what is going on, he just does not care about minorities and the people he attracts doesn’t either.

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In a country like the United States, which has probably the most diverse ethnic make- up of any country in the world, you cannot be a leader for only whites. Which fair thinking white would want a leader like that anyway? The answer is none. The truth is all the whites who are supporting Donald Trump are either bigots like Trump or just complete idiots.

When Trump uses the killing of the Dallas police officers to justify his divisive speech it shows hypocrisy to the highest degree. Whenever a Palestinian attacks Jews in Israel and Israel retaliates by killing scores of innocent Palestinian women, children and elderly; people like Trump are the first to say “Israel has a right to defend itself.” Yet a Black man does not have the right to defend his people when they are slaughtered like dogs in the streets of America. Is dying on your feet rather than living on your knees only applicable to whites? In Donald Trump and his supporters’ eyes, that is exactly the case.

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Whether Trump can win the presidency remains to be seen. In November the world will know the level of bigotry in the United States. The Marines are looking for a few good men, Trump and his Klan are looking for a few more bigots.



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  1. I’m a Trump supporter so call me what ever I don’t care! I never voted for OBOZO one time he proved me right he never did anything for Americans except divide us! Put more people in poverty, more debt, more Gov waste, he isn’t even an American

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