98% of White men want to have sex with Black women, according to new study.

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White man and Black woman
White man and Black woman

Some Black men are crazy over white women and it turns out that most white men are equally crazy about Black women, according to a study.

A new study from Oxford University in the United Kingdom has concluded that approximately 98 percent of White men have fantasized about having sexual relations with Black women. The study was conducted by the Sociological department.

The study reveals that a whopping 98% of white men dream of having sex with Black women and many already have. 82% of the men surveyed said they would cheat on their white wife or girlfriend to be with a Black woman. 67% of the men also said they dreamt of having a threesome with a Black woman and their white spouse.

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Interestingly enough, the same study says only 63% of white men would have a long term relationship with a Black woman as most believed the Black woman’s attitude was hard to handle.

The fact that there is such a huge disparity between the number of white men who want to have sex with Black women versus those who would marry Black women, shows that many still have stereotypical view of Black women. Black women are sexy beings with bodies like goddesses but they have very demanding attitudes and will not do everything a man says. At least that is what most men in the study believed.

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So when it comes to sex, most white men would prefer a Black woman but they look toward their own white women when they are looking for a long term partner.



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  1. Not all of us. I’m engaged to a black woman. I’ve had several healthy relationships with black women.
    But I have known lots of dudes who are attracted to black women but afraid of how people will see it or think about it. I’ve also met some thought black women only good for sex or what not.
    I ❤black women.

  2. As a wm, I’d say there’s about 5% of black women I’d be interested in because of that particular woman’s personality and traits. Basically, I’d see her as an attractive woman who happens to be black. Generally, she would be very educated, NOT OBESE, well-mannered, and follow European style of dress etc. Basically, I guess would this is basically a culturally white European woman who happens to have black skin; her biological race would be no big deal at all in that case. POINT BEING,I think the majority, 70% of “typical” white American men feel this way WHEN IT COMES TO REALLIFE CHOICES. As to sexual fantasies, well, as smn pointed out, everyone probably had those about every race or even specific ethnicity (e.g., Irish, German) at one point or another.

    As for the 90% of “typical” loud,obnoxious, and entitled black sistas…The only way they are in mine (or any other healthy high-status white man’s) bedroom IN REAL LIFE is if they are hired for housekeeping. And then you better believe there is a hidden security camera there.

    Love and peace,

    Yours truly

    Smalldick wyte cracker

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