Is Tommy Lee making it more difficult for Vybz Kartel to win his appeal?

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As Vybz Kartel sits in a prison cell hoping that the appeal he filed last July will be successful, Tommy Lee who was recently freed of lotto scamming charges is getting ready to sue the Jamaican Government.

At the center of Tommy Lee’s pending lawsuit against the Jamaican Government is the claim by the entertainer that because of the false charges that were levied against him, he lost out on numerous income opportunities.

What is scary for the Jamaican government about the pending Tommy Lee suit is the fact that there is precedence and that precedence was set by Lee.

Tommy Lee has already sued the government of Dominica and won $3 million USD after being denied entry in that country to perform on shows he was booked for.

So as Lee’s attorney makes it publicly known that they are coming after the Jamaican Government, there is no doubt the Government is thinking about the Vybz Kartel appeal.

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The Jamaican government must be thinking that if Vybz Kartel wins his appeal he will be suing the Jamaican government just like Tommy Lee is doing now and did to the Dominican government in 2016.

Tommy Lee was never in prison like Kartel and although he was denied the opportunity to perform on numerous shows, he was still able to perform on others and make money to support his family. On the other hand, Kartel has been locked away for years and not able to perform on any show at all.

So if Tommy Lee can win $3 million USD for his situation, one can only imagine how much the Jamaican government might have to pay Vybz Kartel should the world boss win his appeal. It is possible that Kartel could sue the government for hundreds of millions of dollars.

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As Tommy Lee’s lawsuit get ready to get underway, it’s quite possible that the Jamaican government will begin to pull all the strings they can to make sure they don’t have to face a similar suit from Kartel anytime soon.

Tommy Lee must be commended for standing up and fighting for his rights and also teaching ghetto youths that they do not have to stand by idly as their rights get trampled on but at the same time, Lee might be hurting is former mentor’s chance of a victorious appeal.



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