83-year-old woman has 500 pounds of marijuana seized from her home.

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Hillsborough County Sheriff’s officials found more than 500 pounds of marijuana this month in a Tampa home.

The sheriff’s office had been surveying the home on Nebraska Ave, south of Busch Boulevard, as part of an indoor cannabis grow laboratory investigation.

An agent approached Mary Rogers, 83, the morning of Apr. 2 as she backed out of the garage, records show. The smell of marijuana coming from her and the car was overwhelming, according to a sheriff’s office report.

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When a sheriff’s official approached her, the smell of raw cannabis was overwhelming, records show.

Officials, who obtained a warrant, searched the home and found multiple rooms converted into grow labs, complete with artificial lights, reflective material on the walls and a revamped air conditioning system.

Thirty-four cannabis plants “heavily laden with cannabis buds … ready for harvest” were in the home, sheriff’s office records state. Twenty additional plants, all very young, were found.

The sheriff’s office seized nearly 450 pounds of marijuana plants and more than 50 pounds of processed marijuana.

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In total, that’s 500 pounds.

Rogers faces drug trafficking and cannabis manufacturing charges. Records indicate her permanent address is in Fort Lauderdale, though she had been living in the Tampa home.



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