People who are against Racism should boycott Reggae on the River and High Times.

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Sizzla Kalonji
Sizzla Kalonji

Reggae artists have been good to Reggae on the River over the years and vice versa, however, for 2019, Reggae on the River has decided to take the side of hatred in their hunt for profit.

High Times, the organizer of Reggae on the River has joined forces with the LGBTQ community in a hateful and racist agenda to stifle and lynch one of Reggae Music’s brightest shining stars.

Sizzla Kalonji was originally booked for Reggae on the River 2019 but High Times have colluded with the gay community to try and silence the Rasta artist. As a result, Sizzla has been dropped from the lineup.

There is a petition to get Sizzla added back to the line, click this link to sign it.

How can you tell it was a racist decision? Well, High Times and the LGBTQ community claim that Sizzla was dropped because he recorded homophobic music in the past. However, Damian Marley is also on the lineup and he has also recorded homophobic music but he was not dropped.

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So you have two Reggae artists who are both from Jamaica, they are both Rasta and they have both recorded homophobic lyrics in the past but only the Black one is being lynched for it. There is no other explanation than to say Sizzla is being targeted because of his Blackness.

Sizzla had a very successful performance at Reggae on the River in 2016 and there were no issues despite some protests from the homosexual community back then. In 2016, Reggae on the River stood up against hatred despite the protests, so it is difficult to understand why this year they decide to bow to pressure and take the side of hatred.

Homophobic music should never be condoned. At the same time, Sizzla recorded those songs almost two decades ago when he was in his twenties. As a 43-year-old man, there is no way he should still be getting crucified for those lyrics. Sean Paul has never been punished for “…I man nah play number two.” Damian Marley was never punished for “Funny man a get drop like a bad habit.” So why is Sizzla being lynched, except for the fact that he is Black? Black people and all good people, regardless of race, should stand up and say “No More”.

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Reggae fans that are against hatred and racism should stand against High Times and boycott Reggae on the river until they put righteousness over profit as they did in the past.

If Sizzla is not allowed to perform on Reggae on the River 2019 then all other reggae artists should refrain from performing also. Likewise, reggae fans should refrain from attending the festival and for those who have already bought a ticket, they should request a refund.

“The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing.”



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